Quboz, Roon and Spotify

Evening All,

I presume I can’t connect Quboz to my MuSo’s directly as I can with Spotify Connect via the NAIM App (Android)
I can connect Quboz to my MuSo’s via Roon…except that is more than double the price (Quboz and Roon) although it is difficult to listen to Spotify after experiencing the sound quaility of Quboz


The current 2nd generation Musos have native Qobuz support, but not the 1st gen. models. They can do native Tidal and Spotify, or Qobuz via AirPlay (with or without Roon.)

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Ahh that would do it… No drama, currently using Roon to access my ripped CD collection conneted to Quboz, and it works beautifully, and cheaper than upgrading the hardware :slight_smile:
Nice to have my CD collection back… and Quboz streaming is fabulous, parts of music tracks I just don’t hear in Spotify…

Another question… I have an oldish Amp with 4 nice Mission speakers.
I am thinking if I could connect that to my Roon Core, which is a decent spec Windows 10 PC I could link the whole lot up…
I guess a reasonable Sound card in the PC and the correct cables to my AMP ?

I quite like Roon, but if you don’t want the expense you can still run Qobuz via AirPlay if you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Either way it should sound a lot better than Spotify.

If you can run a wired connection from your PC to the amp, I would run a USB DAC between them. There is a huge choice these days at any price you can think of.
Alternatively connect a network streamer to the amp and use again, you can use Roon or AirPlay to feed it.

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It does already does sound great (Quboz) via Roon (and of course my CD collection via Roon) to my Muso’s

USB DAC - souds like an ideal way so USB to DAC and RCA to Amp…, there are as you say loads from £20 upwards :slight_smile:

@ChrisSU out of interest why USB DAC to Amp rather than Soundcard to DAC ? Cheaper ? Or another benifit ?

I guess a soundcard is acting as a DAC in this case, which I’m sure would work fine. I mentioned a USB DAC simply because if using a computer, you more than likely have a USB port available to connect to, and having the DAC separate from the computer is likely to be better for sound quality. Also you can just plug it in and use it with minimal configuration required on the computer.

By the way, you said you had 4 speakers. Is it a regular stereo amp, or something else?

That makes sence, USB DAC the way to go, once I harvest through the hundreds on the market…

Yes Marantz PM6002 with a combo of Copper and Silver cables to Mission speakers

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