Qubuz - control

I am new in high-res streaming and need a bit help.
my streamer is a macbook
macbook is connected with my dac

all good so far

Musik sounds good …

but control - is it possible to usr my phone as a remote now?
this is how it works with spotify
you select the song by phone
but the music streams from my laptop

hope someone helps


Hey there,
Before my recent upgrade I was using my DAC and Audirvana on my Mac. Worked fairly well and admittedly not directly related to Qobuz however you can sign into Qobuz through Audirvana. With Audirvana you are able to download the Audirvana remote app for use with iPhone and it is able to select songs/pause/play etc whilst it is running on the Mac.

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I will try the test version from Audirvana

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