Queen doc on BBC4

Good fun, if you like Queen, though I know many don’t, but if you do it might be worth a look on iPlayer.

Two things struck me:

  1. Without FM, no one would ever have heard the names Brian May, Rog… zzzz

  2. Whispering Bob Harris is just sooooo cool. If I had a chance to spin the reels and have another run at this lark, l’d love to come back as Whispering Bob :slight_smile:

Elton at BBC also on. Struck me that he was just so utterly wonderful for such a long while, but then fell horribly off a cliff.

Mr John has made two of my Desert Island Disc choices (of 8, and Bach also gets 2, so that’s 50% between them - wonder what JSB would have said about that!), but he (John) really is a tragic figure. But when he’s good, he is good.

Just sayin’.

Come on, what EJ and JSB “tracks” would you bring to the desert island?


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Mr John: Rocket Man, Someone Saved My Life Tonight.

Bach: Goldberg Variations (can I have the set?), Double Violin Concerto (but truly it could be a raft of others - but I could live with this).

The difficulty is getting the rest of all music history into the remaining four slots. Dear Prudence probably makes the cut (Beatles rather than Siouxsie :slight_smile:)

I might need Rufus Wainwright too.

I have often wondered if I should start a Desert Island Discs thread, which should adhere to the rules - eight tracks (not eight albums), one book, one luxury item and which track would you save if you could only have one. The trouble is that I’d be expected to include my own list and I’ve been thinking about that for as long as I can remember!


I think you should. It is of course impossible, but that’s half the fun!

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