Query for Super Lumina Users

I wonder if any other users have experienced this.
I have a 500 active system, with Super Lumina throughout, apart from the DIN to XLR leads. I recently bought Super Lumina DIN/XLR leads to complete the Super Lumina rig, but for some reason I haven’t liked them as much as the original leads. I’ve had them in for three weeks now, and today I swapped back to the original leads… and to me the sound seems crisper, more involving and more communicative. All the other Super Lumina leads I’ve found to be very much to my liking… just not the XLR/DINs.
It could be that it takes ages for them to come on song, although I haven’t found this with the other leads. It could be that I simply prefer the sound of the original DIN/XLRs. Very strange. I’d be interested to know what other people’s experiences have been.

When Naim released the Hiline they didn’t make a DIN-XLR, and I have a vague recollection that they said that they couldn’t get it to improve on the standard cable, so it wasn’t produced. Perhaps with SL they just wanted to be able to offer the complete range, and made it anyway.

Cue howls of protest from the full loomers :grimacing:

Maybe just let them run in……? Took ages for mine to show its true potential and still improving after 6-9 months.


I am using SL for the speakers and Chord Sarum Super Aray to connect 552/500. To my ears the XLR swap was a significant improvement over the standard.

Bought 2 x 4m SL for the Petite 30’s and the SL IC’s for DAC > 282 and 250DR > HCDR. Didn’t want to be experimenting all over the place as with home demo’s there’s an element of hearing what you want to hear. Got a big discount off the dealer and SL is future proofed

You’ve got it.

Mine took ages to run in.

Or it could be that it takes ages for your ears to adjust to the sound with the SLs in circuit?

Just putting up the alternative view!


We found SL DIN-XLR really opened up the sound with 272/250DR.

Will be using between SCDR and 250DR in new system.

I tried them for two weeks did nothing for me…then tried morgana and wow…instantly better…

I have a full loom and of all the leads the DIN/XLR set took the longest to really come on song. I suggest you leave them in for a few weeks before swapping back to the original leads. If then you prefer the originals you have your answer.

I used all standard Leeds and had a Din-Din Super Luminar. After a few months of ownership, I went back to the Lavander and preferred it…

I ordered WH Morgana but a chance SL set came up before they were delivered (so fitted them).
Hmm…maybe I should try the Witch Hat just to to hear ( as if my cloth ears could tell )…

I had a SL full loom and remember adding the Din/XLR’s and in the context of a full loom they brought a sense of togetherness and calm to the presentation. My dealer recommended to change those last as they offered the smallest difference. I liked what they brought to the other cables but felt they did not really create a wow moment for the money. The full loom was organic sounding and as a whole it worked really well. The Din/XLR’s were the icing on the cake. I added them to a 282/SupercapDR/300DR combo initially. The difference in this system was pretty big. I still remember the day when I added the SL speaker and IC.

Fast forward a few years and I now have no SL. I upgraded to 500 level gear and changed from CD to ND and after a time the sound was becoming a bit high frequency focussed. Very sharpened. I first tried the Kudos KS-1 speaker cable which was a step in the right direction. Better for my system for a very small outlay. I actually never tried the SL speaker cables again after adding the Kudos. I felt I lost nothing and gained a more pleasant high frequency reproduction. Next I switched out the SL IC for the HiLine that came with the ND555. I liked that as well, less detail but more natural. Less HiFi, less impressive but a better engagement to the music. At this point I only had the Din/XLR’s in the system so I decided to put in the stock leads that came with the 500. Brand new, no burn in and I could not tell the difference when I changed them.

I think SL works incredibly well at certain levels and with certain combinations but with the streaming system I have and Kudos 808’s they were not for me. The previous configuration with Naim speakers worked really well.

The new set of cables cost me about £400 as the HiLine and Din/XLR’s were already in the boxes of the streamer and amp. Quite a good result in the money pit that is our hobby!


A little OT but does the standard DIN/XLR also takes ages to run in? Just asking as I’m running in a new 250 + cable. :slight_smile:

@RvL when I changed from SL to new regular leads I noticed no burn in. If there was it was very minor and no change was noticed by me! I notice more change based on my mood!


@RvL I have experienced VERY long burn in periods with certain cables though like SL and Vodka ethernet. The HiLine as almost burn in free for me as well…

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Many years ago, we put SL cables into our 500 system. Recently, I changed some cables back to the standard variety. It turned out the the DIN-XLR cable made the smallest impact overall. I guess this is what Steve’s dealer and others observed as well. Even with the standard DIN-XLR in place, the SL speaker cable made a huge difference in presentation.

Following my post above, Witch Hat Morgana XLR now in for a listen. I’ll give it a month, but sounding good on the first couple of albums. Perhaps a slightly less ‘etched’ treble which could be a good thing…but it could just be my ears.

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After hearing what the SL did between my CDP555 and 552 I was eager to try the DIN/XLR’s for the 552/500, so borrowed a pair from my dealer. For me I thought the difference was better than the interconnect. I have two sets of standard DIN/XLR’s and one set does sound better than the other. However, in moments of mad curiosity I still try them out. Almost immediately I lose a sense of depth, instrument timbre and ultimate realism compared to the SL’s. In short I bought the SL’s for the 552/500. Never regretted it for a second. I will confirm that they did take ages to settle down. Three weeks to become discernibly better but three months to reveal their true worth.

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My SL XLR’s are going nowhere until I’ve given the Morganas a fair go :grinning:

Then we’ll see who gets rehomed!