Query regarding number of tracks streamer queue can handle

I have a UQ2 and if I use the app and select the entry that lists all songs in my music library on my NAS and click play, it only selects max 500 songs which I play random. Problem is, it seems to be the same 500 tracks every time.
I know this seems to be a limitation of the UQ2 and not the app per se but what’s the story with newer Naim streamers? Do they use the same approach when it comes to having a hard wired maximum number of tracks they can handle?

I know BubbleUPnP can push the entire folder (and have used it before) but I’m using an iPad these days and really like the Naim app. First choice would be a new Naim streamer if it could cope with an entire folder of tracks randomised.

The 500 track limit is in the app rather than the streamer itself. With a 1st gen. streamer you have an advantage over the current models in that you can use the remote to queue up longer lists. You can then return to the app to control volume etc.
The current streamers are unable to do this because their fancy Zigbee remote control is incapable of accessing the UPnP or streaming inputs at all!

I’ll have to check that out. My remote has been sat idle since about a week after buying this some years back. Thanks.

Is that a first for this forum? One for the wall in Salisbury?

Nope. Whenever someone posts about issues, many people show up to tell them that they are happy

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What are you on about? This is a thread I started asking a question. If you don’t have anything to offer in answering the question, please refrain from cluttering the replies with worthless nonsense.
Thank you.

Was this in response to me? If so:

  1. I’m spending several hours every week trying to help people. As I’m not getting paid, I think I’m allowed the odd comment otherwise
  2. The person I replied to had commented whether it was the first time someone said something good about the app, to which I said no, it was not.
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A touch harsh… Moving on: do you feel your question has been answered, or can we help more?

@Jota what are you using to ‘serve’ the tracks up to your Qute?
Asset for example has a Jukebox Track Selection which can randomly select hundreds of tracks from your collection (and you can even set the app to pick the playing order at random for that). Surely enough for any session / party / dinner.

Not harsh at all. If you look how he italiced ‘they’ in a sentence about people coming along saying ‘they’ like something when others are criticising it, he was clearly suggesting that bit of my original post wasn’t genuine, instead some kind of fluffing for the company.

Is that a first for this forum? One for the wall in Salisbury?

Nope. Whenever someone posts about issues, many people show up to tell them that they are happy

I use Minimserver. I take Asset is a bit of software along the same lines as Minim?

Erm, no

Yes, pretty much the same. The one useful feature that might suit you is the Jukebox Track Selection option. It essentially returns a random selection of tracks from your ripped collection. It’s then limited by the size of playlist allowed by the Naim app (500) but that is plenty enough, and it’s different each time you run it.

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