Question about capacitance and inductance of speaker cable and integrated amplifiers

A bit less critical but you can still have too much capacitance. If the amp is getting hot at idle you’ve got it badly wrong.

17.5pF/m is so close to being the same as 16pF as makes no difference.
My Chord cable is 56pF/m & thats OK
I would be wary of >100pF/m.

However don’t forget its inductance that’s the important factor with Naim
Also worth mentioning; with most all cable construction types that I know of, high capacitance tends go with low inductance & low capacitance goes with high inductance.

As Mike-B said it will be fine. I’ve been using some 6m lengths of Rega speaker cable at a round 70pf/m and it’s fine. The Nait 5i runs perfectly well doesn’t get hot etc.

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