Question about SNAIC cable for HiCap DR to SN3

Hey there, hoping for some quick help… I recently purchased a used HiCap DR from a US authorized dealer, but when it arrived today there was no SNAIC cable in the box. So I can’t use this until the dealer sorts it out.

BUT it did occur to me - is the same SNAIC DIN cable that connects the NDX 2 to the Supernait 3? Since I am using an aftermarket DIN for the NDX2/SN3 I am wondering if I can try using the stock NDX2 DIN to connect the SN3 to the HiCap DR.


Hi, snaics and interconnects are Different. The cable that came with the ndx2 is not a snaic. You will need 2 snaics one of which is a 4 to 4 pin one. (This is not the 5 to 5 pin one that comes with a hicap it’s an extra purchase for circa rrp £180)

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Well crap, so I guess that means no useable Hicap upgrade today or for the next week probably.

A Snaic costs £180 in the U.K. If you take a look at the sockets on the back of the Supernait you’ll see that the input sockets and power sockets have the little holes for the pins in different places. The input socket has them all in one half of the circle (180°) whereas the power socket has a 240° arrangement. As said, you need a Snaic 5, which should come with the Hicap, plus a Snaic 4, which returns the signal from Hicap socket 3 to the Supernait.

The interconnect that comes ‘free’ with a Naim source is actually extraordinarily good. I wonder if you gave it a fair chance before buying something else.

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Here’s some useful info from the FAQ;

Awesome, thanks for your help everyone. I’ve been in touch with the dealer and they are going to overnight the SNAIC5 that should have shipped with the unit and an SNAIC4 that I am purchasing. Thanks again!

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