Question about surge protectors / power conditioners


I have my Naim Nait 5i-2, CD player, DAC and Sonos Connect plugged into a Monster HTS 3000 surge protector which includes something called Clean Power Stage Three Filtering. I’ve read the frequent opinion here that Naim gear generally sounds best when plugged directly into the wall sockets. I’m in the US btw. If I had to guess, I’d say my power is relatively clean, but I really don’t know. My residence was constructed in the 1980’s.

As a practical matter, the Monster simply makes things easer in that it provides a central location to plug the components into. Secondly, it’s supposed to provide surge protection. I have no idea what the “Clean Power Stage Three Filtering” is supposed to do. I’ve never eliminated the Monster mostly out of a presumed need for surge protection.

I’m interested in hearing what others have to say about the overall utility/advisability of the Monster surge protector and other like devises (perhaps at its price point). As to sound quality: yes, no, makes no difference? Same with surge protection: yes, no, maybe, maybe not?

I’m inclined to ditch the Monster and power the components directly from the wall. Convenience isn’t really much of an issue.

My setup isn’t ideal: everything is on a 24" high bookcase. Equipment is located between the speakers; the Naim sits on the top of the bookcase between the speakers. I’d like to pare everything down to the essentials and start thinking about isolation, speaker stands etc.

Thanks for any responses.


I would suggest that you try a decent unfiltered mains block in place of your Monster. One with no switches, LEDs or anything. If it sounds better, you’ll have your answer.
I can’t say I’ve ever bothered with surge protection either. The only surges I’ve had a problem with are lightning strikes, and plug-in surge protector isn’t going to stop them.

Cost to one side you might look at the various PS Audio mains products which are more focused on AC regeneration as opposed to filtering or conditioning. I’ve been looking at their smaller mains block for an AV system.

Hi john, read topic titled, mains extension blocks. that will answer your question

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