Question about using iPhone WiFi hotspot

With some holiday away approaching I would like to take my Atom HE with and run it off my iPhone hotspot.

I did some testing this morning. Using another mobile device connected to the hotspot WiFi I was able to connect the Atom to the hotspot.

But the result was odd. If I go to the Tidal tab in the Naim app and choose one of the selected playlists on this page I was able to start playing it on the atom.

BUT if I searched for something via the normal search interface and wanted to play that it was just hanging.

Has anyone done this? Am I missing a setting or something somewhere? The fact that the Tidal selected stuff in the Naim app plays tells me this should be possible.

For the Atom, it should be an wifi AP just like any other, but the uplink bandwidth/latency and hence performance will depend on your mobile carrier. And the usual limitations of wifi apply (channel congestion, etc). Personally, I use the phone as a hotspot for my laptop all the time and it generally works flawlessly including watching Netflix or YouTube

Well the issue is not connecting or the bandwidth. That was all sorted and working.

The issue is that in the Naim app if I go to the Tidal tab and select anything there it plays but if I search for something via the main search interface and I select a song or album from the search results nothing happens.

What I was trying to say was that this might be a latency or bandwidth thing with the phone’s wifi network or its uplink. The Atom and the app just see a wifi AP and the app won’t change its behavior in the search results out of spite :wink:

Ah I see what you say but in this case it would not explain it for me.

ALL songs from the Tidal tab inside the Naim app working and ALL songs from my previously saved albums or search results not working. While Spotify connect also still works.

There would have to be quite a unfortunate run of events that the latency/bandwith issues would correspond to the exact selection time of 20 or more songs.

Especially as for the test I had only the Atom and the control device connected to the AP.

I personally think it is more likely a setting I am not aware of or an application issue.

I see, it’s very odd indeed. I doubt it’s an app setting but might indeed be an app issue considering that Spotify works. In my experience with using the phone as a hotspot for the laptop, my expectation is that it works just fine like the wifi at home (taking into account any limitations off the carrier’s uplink), so IMHO definitely something wrong

Yeah but I’m just not sure how much of a network it creates amongst connected devices. Could be some protocols are not implemented, etc.

The purpose of it is internet connection not to replace a LAN I think.

This might depend on the carrier, too, I think. Generally, my understanding is that wifi plays on a lower networking layer, so should be agnostic to application protocols.

However, there are some mobile plans that don’t even allow tethering, so apparently the carrier has control over this. I found some info after a quick Google here:

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You should also check your data allowance as you might chew up quite a lot of it by streaming. You should check the monthly allowance, plus any daily limit, and also whether that limit is all available while tethering, as mobile contracts can vary in this respect.


Indeed a good point but I have uncapped so at least that is a worry less.

The only issue I have is that I am able to start streaming from one screen of the Naim app but not from another.

The conundrum is the Tidal screen shows only preselected playlists and such while the screen where I search for other things is unfortunately the one not working.

If the provider was blocking tethering or it was data bundle related then none of it would be working.

One thing you can try is to change the DNS (on the Uniti) to a public DNS like OpenDNS or something similar. Often mobile carriers restrict traffic when using their DNS servers (which is the default for a DHCP connection). For example, my son cannot use the Playstation Network if he shares the mobile connection for his PS4, until he changes the DNS on the PS.

If it works you can leave it like that even if you’re at home on the wifi - or change it back as you wish.

PS. I’m assuming you can change the DNS settings if you have DHCP enabled - I don’t have one (yet).

Thanks for the idea however I have no problem accessing the network. It’s simply that streaming from one screen in the Naim app works and the other does not.

One for the Naim support maybe, but I’d be interested in the cause if you find out. Or maybe @tomvamos can help out?

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Hmhh. Interesting.

Anything with IPv4/6, public/private addresses and carrier level NAT? Like, the app can reach outside, but for some traffic flow responses don’t come back?

Have you power cycled the Arom HE?
Maybe it caches some servers (IPs, …) and cannot reach them (again) via the alternate traffic route? (Or some previous NAT holes/back-entries are not matching/updated again?)

Do you run the app(s) on the device acting as router?
Or on that other device you used for connecting the Atom HE?

Yeah I think I’ll give it a power cycle when I mess with it again sometime this week.

I’m not away for very long so if it means Spotify it’s Spotify haha.

So further testing showed:

  1. After connecting the Atom HE to the iPhone hotspot with a second device running the Naim add I was indeed able to play everything via that Naim app. Restart or something must have solved that.
  2. The Naim app on the device with the hotspot does not work at all. Does not even start as that phone is not connected to WiFi itself.
  3. I can, however, play via Spotify connect on the same device with the hotspot. Suppose as my HE was registered as a Spotify connect device previously it still finds it. This is pretty useful in this case.
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