Question for Aries G2 owners

Does the G2 have an app for running Amazon HD ‘on board’.


I think I have the answer. Downloaded lightning DS and no Amazon, just Qobuz and a couple of other streaming services.

Amazon HD not available at the moment but being worked on AFAIK . Not a worry for me as I’m more than happy with Qobuz.

Thanks. There is a G2 on the pf forum, but my main streaming service is now Amazon, so useless for me until an app or lightning is available.

From what I understand any delay is from the Amazon end . There’s been a bit on discussion on the Auralic forum .

Why not post on the Auralic forum? It’s a friendly place and the head honcho himself posts there quite often, so you may get an up-to-date indication of current developments. Apologies if you’ve already done this.


I haven’t posted but yes I have checked. No update on Amazon HD just yet.

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