Question for Focal Utopia headphone owners

Greetings from Canada!

Yes, I ordered my Lazuli Reference cable directly from Danacables.

And Danacables will modify the cable if you change your headphone.

And you are correct, I own both the Focal Utopia headphone and the Hifiman Susvara headphone. They use different technology: Focal uses dynamic drivers while Hifiman uses planar magnetic transducers. Both are very good headphones!

I would give the edge to the Susvara, but the Susvara is difficult to drive, and it is very revealing of the source and cables.

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so you were born in 40’s?

I haven’t learn to 500 system yet, but I think I can imagine what you meant.

sounds you had a lot of good memeires with good musics !!
I like listen to different kind of musics as well. classical, jazz, strings, drums, sax, cells… house musics;
still way to many things I have learn.
Thanks for sharing with your stories !
I will try to search some of the players and musics you mentioned .

thanks for explaining

nice , I will order my Lazuli reference on next week.
do you listen to your speakers more or headphones ?
what do you prefer more ? and why

I’ll be 88 next month. I expect you wonder why I’m not In a nursing home. I suppose it’s because I still think I’m a kid:-)
The '50s were the best years of our lives. They were the years of Innocence. It’s what you didn’t know that was exciting.
We danced slowly, cheek to cheek.
Pop music was a bit silly but it was our music. My wife’s favorite CD was a Doo Wop album.
Mine is actually a '38 recording of Benny Goodman at Carnage Hall.
I saw Gene Krupa live.
I built my first amp in 1954 on a navy base on Treasure Island.


I enjoy both speakers and headphones.

During the day I listen to music with speakers.

At night I watch movies with headphones on. I love the complex mix of soundtrack, sound design and dialog found in movies.


Related question: there seems to be some confusion regarding whether the latest version of the post-2020 Utopia OEM XLR cables are braided or not (black soft, flexible plastic). Does anyone know for sure? Could you perhaps confirm Clare? @Naim.Marketing

Wow… congratulations!!
you are the

Sounds adorable! Hey~ this is the way to live! I like that. :+1:

I’m listing Benny Goodman’s albums right now, nice and classic.
like a time machine, take to the time from the movies.

my parents were born in the early 50’s

Really cool ! that’s way before most famous brands excited.
A true audiophile. you are the YOUNGEST audiophile I have talked to so far, my pleasure!

nice choice, I usually listen to headphones before I go to sleep
I’m still using Sony MDRZ1R at the moment , very excited about my upcoming utopia !

I’ll need to check with France when i’m back in, but IIRC the whole high-end headphone line has moved to the same style of cable as more recent releases such as Clear Mg.

I recently purchased an ex demo pair of Focal Utopia, which had braided cables. I also purchased a new longer 3m Focal Utopia cable with a 6.3 mm Jack, from the main hifi dealer. The new cable had black soft rubber sheath and not braided. More disappointingly, the new cable does not look and feel the same built quality as originals, and there is no Focal logo on the splitter. I would also appreciate some clarification on this matter.

Many thanks, Clare, and especially for replying on a back holiday!

The demo I’m trying has braided short but long with XLR balanced that has a thick plastic sheath. Sounds good, but many of the 2020 package reviews state braided for both, so which came when and why is matter of puzzlement…

OK, here’s the clarification. Since 2020, all replacement / spare cables have been black rubberised cables = specifically designed to be more flexible than the original braided design (their lack of flexibility could occasionally lead to breakages at plug connection), and also to eliminate any risk of friction noise.

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Fantastic. Many thanks!

Thank you Clare

I live in Vancouver Canada, I’m trying to order my cable now, but the billing address is only in USA on Danacable website , how did you ordered ?

They have this note on their website:

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak’s impact on international shipping, we have suspended online orders for addresses outside of the US. Contact us at for an estimate of delivery time and shipping cost.

They have been quick to respond to my emails in the past. Great customer service.

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Nice, I will connect them now,
Thank you

Vinh Vu replied really fast for my emails
I don’t have PayPal , so he gave me his phone number and helped me to pay by credit card.
He gave me 10% off as well.
cool guy, very helpful and great serviced.
I just google it, Vinh Yu is the owner of Danacable.

Thanks :smiley: :+1: