Question for MuSo owners

If MuSo was your first purchase of Naim hardware, did you subsequently buy more Naim products?

Basically is MuSo a gateway drug?


From Muso to Star with B&W CM9s, in about 9 months. The Muso absolutely destroyed my previous modest pre/power set up, couldn’t have music in the kitchen sound better than Pleasureland.
Desperately hanging onto the Star and not even thinking about a 250/272, honest Guv.

Cheers Muchly

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Yes. Everything in profile followed on from MuSo. Willing victim!

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Yes I suspect so and clever marketing too. I fell victim and started out with a Muso then to Atom followed by Nova. If it’s a new Muso on May 8th it’ll be interesting to see what it brings to the party, I really enjoyed mine for what it was.

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Mu-So was our penultimate Naim system. We started with a Nait5 system in 2006 and upgraded to a Naim XS in 2011. We added a downstairs Naim system to go with the circa 2000 CDS2, which became a 500 system in 2013, and a DR system in 2016 and thereafter. We met Peter @ Venice Audio at Thanksgiving 2014 and bought the MuSo. We helped my son with a Unitiqute2 with bluetooth in the Summer of 2015 through Venice Audio and it has been a beautiful friendship since. The UQ2b might be the best value audio product ever and my son is very happy and I hope to inherit it when he upgrades. We are a happy Naim family at every level.

While we are on the subject, our original MuSo just died two weeks ago so I bought another from Peter and we sent the original to APS to see what could be done. The UK Naim MuSo Support line was ZERO help. “So sorry, out of warranty, nothing we can do.” When I say ZERO, I am screaming ZERO.

Thanks to APS for taking it on as a project, and thanks to Peter for whatever arm twisting he did to make this happen. Just my luck the May 8 announcement will obsolete both of them. 99% of our MuSo usage so far is as a TV sound bar.

As much as I love the brand, have exemplified a happy customer, promoted the product in my remote location, brought in new customer households, and have supported the dealers, “Sorry nothing we can do” is a non-acceptable answer.

Is this the price of Chinese manufacturing?


Bought a MuSo as my first Naim product in January. Traded it in March for a 300DR so I guess that’s a ‘yes’…


I replaced my 10 year old Zeppelin with a Muso this year. A great upgrade (though it should be at twice the price).
I must admit it is a good way for Mrs to get excited about hifi, they are pretty sexy especially when we bought the red grill to match our kitchen splashbacks!
And to answer your question - this year I’ll replace my electronics - NAP 300DR, 272 (or 372?), XPSDR. Happy days.

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I bought my MuSo a couple of years ago. At the moment I have very limited space and the MuSo fits my current speaker requirements perfectly on my main analogue system.

The idea is that I will be moving in a few years to a bigger place where I intend to kit it out with some floorstanders/Bookshelves and then retire the MuSo to a bedroom speaker.

I don’t really stream music at all, I have everything downloaded onto a media server and play via UPNP from that. Whilst I am very impressed with the MuSo’s performance and SQ, I’m not sure I’d really venture into the streaming market particularly, I will always be a vinyl fan primarily.

But, then, these things to tend to take a hold of you without any ability to stop it, so who knows what may come in the future.

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I’m wondering what the question is.

As am I.


I just guessed the answer

I’ve had a Mu-So for a few years. No other Naim gear so far - none in my main system. However, considering a Nova for a secondary system.

The MuSo was very much a gateway drug for me. In 2017 I sold all of my old Arcam and Spendor kit and downsized to a MuSo. I fell in love with music again and I wanted more. So in early 2018 I bought a Naim Atom, Neat Iota Alphas and NACA5, loved the sound but I still wanted more. I purchased a NAP 200 to partner with the Atom, another great improvement but guess what, I then bought a NAC 202 and used the Atom as a streamer, this was probably the biggest improvement at this point. The musicality was getting better and better. I then demo’d a NDX2 this made the system sing, so that was added in October 2018 along with a Fraimlite, HicapDR and Napsc. I am now so pleased with the sound and music is a real joy again.

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I did it backwards then. Progressed through the ranks to a 272+PS/250, then picked up a Muso last year to fill a gap in the living room. Quite happy with it as a secondary source, and the Rooms thing is useful for R4 comedies.

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APS is sending me a new old stock MuSo. It took about a month but this is a great outcome, particularly after Naim Support said “Nothing we can do”. Thanks to Peter@VeniceAudio for his help getting this done and for helping me with a second unit to tide me over while mine was in the shop.

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Sort of. I had a Naim system that i sold off as i was too busy on the corporate ladder etc. Retired and thought a Muso would be enough. Then why not get a Uniti Core for the CD collection. Then added a Nova…now on ND555/252/300.
So yes it does work on re-hooking me to the Naim sound.

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Plenty left to go then…


I went from a top end olive active system, to around 15yrs without, then saw the Muso (think in John Lewis), i bought one more as a sentimental reminder, to be honest for me it never offered the Naim sound but was easy and accessible, looks good and went LOUD.

I then went to the Atom (only reason was Muso did not offer the Naim sound), 2 weeks later the Nova, which has totally bowled me over (with allot spend on accessories) at this point I am content and apart from maybe speaker cables and room treatment no intention to move up, as very happy.

Many brands (if not all) have a product strategy to draw in from the general consumption group, most then looking at hooking them into the brand and up the ladder.

Plus i keep saying the future is single box high end systems (with speakers), but as long as you keep the MEGA price tag, those who wish to flaunt (not forum members), but those lifestyle product types.

Coming back to the target customer vs general consumption group, Naim (like Linn) are realising their model was upside down, the target is not multiple boxes sold in mediocre quantities, but single box high priced items sold in larger quantities (better margins), more penetration of the brand, more sales.

Then still keep the top end multiple boxes, purely propped up by the Muso/Uniti range.

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I see as more an (obvious) evolution of the business models this, in part, enabled by technology (e.g. DSP), the access to cheaper good quality production fac’s in China and the orientation of the marketplace (network/streaming players) - plus, perhaps, access to financial backing to fund the R&D(?).

The cost inflation of Classic Series kit and alike will have priced many out. Why operate in a small market environment when you can leverage Naim’s DNA and very high quality IP (e.g. via Bentley) to produce high quality kit for a wider market.

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