Question for Proac DB1 owners

I am looking for stands to go with some Proac DB1’s.

Custom Design make some that are 280mm deep (normally for the KEF R3) - precisely the dimensions stated on the Proac website.

I just wanted to make sure the 280mm relates to the cabinet size and doesn’t include the terminals - if someone has a pair would they mind checking? I can ask Proac tomorrow but if I can find out tonight that would be great.



Just measured mine and it is the bottom of the cabinet itself that is 280mm.

Thank you. That is fantastic. Can I ask which stands you use please?

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No problem.
I’m using Solidsteel ss6 stands with mine.
Very happy with them but haven’t compared them performance wise with anything else.
Just liked the look of them !!


Thank you - will investigate those.

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