Question for SuperNait 3 Owners: HCDR?

If I recall, the debate amongst SuperNait 2 (SN2) owners was fairly evenly split with respect to whether the HCDR made a significant (enough) improvement over a bare SN2.

So what does the debate look like amongst SN3 owners? I know it’s a new amp, so if nothing else perhaps this thread can offer a place of discussion on the subject.

Are you an SN3 owner? Have you had a chance to compare it bare versus with an HCDR? Can you please post your comments here? Thanks.

Cheers and happy New Year.

I don’t have an answer for you – but I think there isn’t much if anything between the preamp section of the SN2 and 3. So the findings for the SN3 might be very similar to the SN2. It was my impression that the majority preferred the hicapped SN2.

This was certainly not the case, no one doubted the change was significant, but just whether you liked the change!
Can’t help with the Supernait3 but for me on the 2, massive improvement. Have tried removing it again but I love the extra clarity and separation it brings.

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What was the main complaints in adding a HCDR to a SN2?

The SN2 was already DR in the pre amp section i guess… single rail DR power supply

( Please correct me if wrong )

The HCDR would offer a 2 rail DR power supply…

would it make so much a difference or incremental ?

The Hicap is a much bigger and better supply than the pre-amp supply in the SN2, so yes, the difference should be quite appreciable.

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You mean SN2 instead of NAP200DR

Oops, yes, apologies - edited.

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Will adding a HCDR to a SN2/SN3 mean the pre amp get all power from the HC and the power amp all power from the SN internals?

Yes…that’s my understanding

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I have two HCDRs, tried one of them on the SN3 with headphones the other night…effect was distorted vocals and instruments…disconnected and reconnected but same result, only this time a few seconds before distortion set in again. Unhooked it and haven’t yet tried the other HC.

Whether this is a fault with that particular HC or the SN3 I don’t know, or indeed a cable fault.

Did sound really nice in phones for those few moments tho.

Must redo…

I was just going to say, that adding a HiCAP also has benefits for headphone listening >…

Makes you wonder if NAIM has tested an SN3 with HCDR using headphones…

For those few seconds I was impressed…but as I said I must test again with the other HC, cables etc and with speakers…sadly, most of my music time these days is by headphones (which sound darn nice w/out the HC I must say) :slight_smile:

Hoping the fault is the HC not the Sn3 :pleading_face:

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Yes, it does seem odd. The HiCAP does take a while to warm up, as the capacitors take a while to fully charge up, that might be a factor, maybe leave it one for a few hours and try again?

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Good point @Mike_S.

My other HC is also a bit newer than the first - I’ll warm it up tomorrow ( a day off! Yippee…)

Or try my Supercap 2, lol :smiley:

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One of the main reasons adding a separate PSU like Hicap makes An improvement is that the preamp gets a PSU that is not being modulated by the power amp power supply and the interaction with the speaker

And the volume goes up any big transient might tax the power amp supply and also then affect the power for the preamp.

With a Hicap the preamp doesn’t suffer in power supply fluctuations during transients

In any case the dual rail Hicap power supply for the preamp makes a dramatic improvement to my ears. Let’s not forget the Hicap is larger than many power amp power supplies made by other companies !

Provided the source though was worth it. No point opening the window on a source that isn’t in the same league as the amp and speaker


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