Question for the rack experts

Have a 3 Quadraspire SVT with bronze upgrade option and Preloved Fat Fraim with base and 3 levels on way.

Should I go LP12 and Klimax Radikal on SVT with Bronze upgrade and 282, ND5XS2, HicapDR and 250 DR on the Fraim?

Or go LP12, 282 and ND5XS2 on Fraim and Klimax Radikal, HicapDR and 250DR on SVT using the 3rd shelf with out Bronze upgrade?


I would put the naim on the fraim as its designed to compliment each other, the rest on the other rack

I would do that too, because the power supplies will benefit from a better isolation.
As you have only 3 levels on the Quadraspire, a wall mount for the Lp12 would be fine.

Thanks. I will try that first. The SVT arrived today. The bamboo is much lighter than I thought it would be. Not sure I like the look.

The Fraim arrives on Monday.

I have enough shelves to try both options. I have extra legs for the SVT. A wall shelf is not an option until I move.

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The Linn does like a light and rigid stand and I worried that the SVT might be a bit wobbly. Turned out fine in my experience. I would keep the Linn as per photo and put the Naim boxes on the Fraim as others have suggested.

The bamboo will darken over time

Unless I’m much mistaken, that SVT is back to front. The two woods are a bit of an aesthetic challenge - maybe a black stand would have been better? The SVT is very good though.

To my eye you’ve oriented that rack 90 degrees from how it’s “meant” to go. If it fits in your space better like that I suppose there’s no harm!

I think it’s the right way round, slots in the wood going front to back and not side to side

Then the Radikal is 90 degrees? I assumed that the light on the Radikal is in the “front?” And that the LP12 is oriented similarly.

I think it’s the way the picture has been taken and that the phono stage is pushed right over

Yes it was! I noticed the curve when I was changing a record. It’s facing the right way now.

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