Question from a newbie using Cassette Deck, Record Player and CD player and soon to be streaming!

I am a newbie to Naim and have just got my hands on a Naim 5si. I have a question regarding connections. I have the amp connected to Foca Choral 826 speaker which sound fantastic, at least to my ears. I have a 1980’s. Rega Planar 3, a 1980’s Marantz CD 52se and Denon cassette deck. I would be grateful for advise as to what are the best connections to use for each unit. At present the CD player and the cassette deck are connected via 5 pin and I have yet to connect my Rega which comes back from being serviced shortly. In terms of order and preference, could anyone recommend which is the best connection for each item as per the back of the amp. I have a Rega phono amp for the Rega Planar 3. Should that be connected via 5 pin or does it not matter and can it be connected via the av or aux. Any help, suggestions or comments will be gratefully received.

Welcome to the forum Griot.

The NAIT 5Si has 4 line level inputs and they are essentially all the same, apart from CD and TUNER having the option of either RCA Phono or DIN. I would connect your CD player to the CD input (if you can go RCA-DIN then great, do that), and likewise your Rega Phono amp to the Tuner input (again, RCA-DIN if you can). For the Cassette Deck you should use the HDD IN/OUT RCA Phonos. Here you can only use RCA-RCA interconnects.


Lovely retro system there…I recall when the Cd52 was the go to player along with the go to amp , the NAD 3020.
Great days.

The funny thing is the naim is a replacement for my Nad 3020b although I still have it and the Focal 's are a replacement for my Heybrooks HB1’s which finally began to tire over lockdown.

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Many thanks Richard. Most helpful. I presume I could then use the av in due course, if I add a streamer or a dac and streamer?

Yes, that should be fine.

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Many thanks Richard.

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