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I have a bunch of Naim equipment spanning decades (I’m 66). I have just disconnected a very old (1985/86) NAT 01 and NAPST. The NAT 01 has had its day. The NAPST features a 3 way switch (FM, AM, Aux). Does anyone have advice on whether I can do anything with the NAPST power supply? Would the Aux setting allow it to power eg a pre-amp? Or is it limited to the NAT 01 tuner? Thank you. love Stevie xx

The NAPST is NAT01 only and cannot be used on any other piece of Naim equipment. The AM and AUX setting were for different head units that were originally envisaged - an AM tuner unit, and a NICAM Stereo unit, IIRC. Neither of these came to fruition and the NAPST was revised to just power the NAT01 will a nice performance boost as a consequence.

You say the NAT 01 has had its day………freshly serviced and there are not many tuners ever made that are significantly better?


Thank you xx

I agree. I’m not going to get rid of it. But the illumination has gone, so it’s impossible to tell which frequency it’s tuned to. And it’s now so much easier to listen to radio online. But the FM aerial remains on my roof, so who can tell what will happen xx

I meant to add: plus I guess the FM signal will be turned off sometime xx

I think many here will say , send the NAT 01 back to Naim, get it serviced.

If you don’t like the results, have a look at ebay and see what they are going for.

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Not anytime soon .

You mean you use it to listen to something other than Radio 3?

How extraordinary.




I have a NAT01/NAPST, which is being serviced by Naim at the moment. It’s a lovely tuner, remarkable for something that looks so simple.

You would be nuts not to have it fixed.

A lot of people think that it’s Naim’s best ever source component.


That’s not any old tuner, that’s Naim’s finest tuner

PS Hoping things are improving

Thanks, Ian. All well, and straining to get home before all those lovely new LPs go off!

There have been suggestions going back at least 30 years now that FM broadcasting will be switched off soon, but it ain’t happened.

Maybe the cloth eared people who make these decisions have actually listened to some DAB broadcasts and realised that they’re see are eh pea!

Thank you very much everyone. You have been really helpful. I have just dropped the NAT 01 and NAPST off to be delivered to Naim and serviced. love Stevie xx


Great decision!

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I would suggest you start a new thread and add some pictures.

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