Question on Purchasing Muso 2nd Gen from eBay

Hi all

Was just wondering… if I went ahead and purchased the above from eBay, (seller says it’s brand new but bought while ago and hasn’t been registered… would I be able to register it with Naim and get some kind of warranty?

Many thanks in advance

AFAIK, the contract of warranty is made between the original purchaser and the dealer, and is underwritten by Naim. On that basis, the warranty runs from date of original sale and is contingent upon having the purchase receipt to establish date of sale. So you should ensure that the seller provides you with their purchase receipt so you can benefit from the balance of what’s left. The extended warranty is only for the original purchaser.

Naim’s UK 2 year warranty terms can be read here;

Mu-so specific warranty info here

The mu-so range does not qualify for extended warranty

Okay thank you all for your replies! That’s kinda made my mind up then - as I can’t / don’t want to - risk paying £950 for a Muso 2nd Gen - albeit brand new - but with no warranty whatsoever.

The price was what was seriously tempting me… but the ‘reasoning’ side of me is saying, “are you flipping’ mad??? What if you get it and it’s DOA?”

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My understanding is that if it is advertised as working and you pay using an option that provides buyer protection (such as PayPal), then you have recourse via eBay/PayPal if the contract is not fulfilled.

As @Suedkiez says. Also check the seller’s feedback. If the seller has lots of good feedback over a reasonable period, especially if it’s for audio gear, then it’s probably safe to go ahead, but use PayPal to pay.

Its very easy to find a grade A mu-so with 2 year warranty from a hifi shop for £999. Google is your friend. Search for ‘mu-so graded’

I was thinking about this! Sorely tempted as it’s a very good price; but a gamble either way

Seller seems okay; good feedback. But the reason for selling left me thinking, hmmm

Yeah, I’ve seen the Peter Tyson refurbed ones for £999.

But this was brand new, sealed and unused… for £950!!

But then, no warranty. Seller said he had plans for it; purchased it a long time ago. Plans never came to fruition; warranty lapsed… But it’s obvious he didn’t buy it from a dealer but most likely another eBayer - so really don’t know just how old this thing is???

Asked for photos and got a pic of the sealed outer brown Naim box. Really wanted it and was about to pull the trigger until he said the above.

So this is my quandary… especially when I can currently get 20% off a Sonos and have, literally brand new direct from msnufacturer - with warranty???

If I buy this - and a month later something happens, I’m screwed - with no recourse to any help

… Seller is also into all kind of things; mostly car parts! So definitely not a hifi dealer.

Why am I even still considering this though!!??

After researching so much ‘Naim’ it now has a hold over me!

Really want it - especially at almost £400 under the RRP… but like I said; the ‘more reasoning’ side of me is holding me back

Graded are done by naim, A grade are mint.

I don’t think that’s possible. It was released may 2019 from memory, so should still have at least a few months of warranty. Are you sure it’s gen2?

The other thing you could ask for is the serial number. Then you can check with Naim support how old it is, what the warranty status is and whether it’s one they know has been stolen.

If the seller won’t give the serial number, then that is a pretty clear message.



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The serial number tells you the age, add 4 to the first 2 digits to get the year of manufacture, the next 2 digits are the month.

But keep in mind that warranty is from when it’s in the customers hands (delivered), at least within the EU. Outside it might be from when it’s sold.

So the date of manufacture is not necessarily an indication of how much warranty is left, but it is a bare minimum.

Personally, if the only picture was a box, I’d leave well alone.

There have been scams where a box has been shown and that’s what the buyer receives but not the actual item.

I think if an item from a Naim dealer is A grade, I’d be inclined to go that route.

On the bay, some individuals don’t do detailed listings or pictures using stock ones. They may be genuine but it’s all about building confidence.

A motorbike I like is regularly listed with no real info and silly (lowish) price. It’s been listed hundreds of times, each with different user names.

If you have doubts, there is a reason.

Thanks David,

I think I asked too many questions… he took it off eBay! I don’t think he sold it; just delisted it… maybe sold it elsewhere? or got frightened with the amount of questions?

Either way, I’m not too bothered - as if I buy one, I’ll just pay full price and get it from a genuine reseller with warranty attached.

Yep, I think you’re right @porkyg

When I asked about the receipt, he said he purchased it on eBay and didn’t get the original receipt? Yet he advertises it as ‘Brand New & Sealed’? - which is a misrepresentation really… should’ve been listed as used?

Anyway… I think I’ve dodged a bullet there. Too many red flags. If it wasn’t ‘covid season’ and work was more consistent, I would have taken a gamble at £950 for a sealed, unused Muso 2. However right now, can’t afford to take those chances like I used to!! :rofl:

Thank you all - for your timely help and consideration!

Now that this has fallen through, I’m torn between paying full price for a Muso 2 or getting two Sonos Five’s - which would work out cheaper for me with my work discount? (£850)

So just need to wok out if Muso 2 w/Focal collaboration will sound better than 2 x Sonos Five?

I know what you’d all say!! :rofl:

I hear what you’re all saying about the ‘graded’ option - which would make the Muso only around £150.00 more… but I do like brand new if possible - and being the first person to touch the goods?

:pray:t5: :facepunch:t5: