Question on switching on/off

I’ve always followed the mantra of leaving everything Naim switched on whether I’m using ot or not.
I see the 250-2 and the supercap just installed have front switches. Is it now that the amp and power supply should be switched off when not in use?

No leave it on all the time except for thunderstorms or if you are going on vacation.


I switch all off twice per month. The system is sounding a bit better when switched off from time to time. And when thunderstorms of course.

Generally it’s best to leave everything powered up, as audio electronics are at their best when warmed up - that way it’s always ready to go when you are. However, power amps tend to warm up to their best much quicker than sources and pre-amps, so if you prefer to switch off, then a compromise is to just switch off the power amp. Then switch it on around half an hour before you want to listen, that way it will be sounding better than when completely cold.

Of course, if you’re going away for any period of time over 24 hours, or there’s an electrical storm forecast then safest is to switch off and completely unplug everything - including any connected aerials and network cabling.


With computer based things - and that means streamers, because the rendering stage before the DAC is essentially a computer - it is often the case that they benefit from the occasional reboot. Certainly my ND5XS when I had one needed it a couple of times, just like other devices.

It shouldn’t make any difference to amplifiers, the only thing there is them reaching steady warm state (which may in any case change while playing). I always turn power amps off between use, just putting on half an hour before an intended listening session - and not worrying if I haven’t planned, as I am not convinced the difference is significant (but I don’t have Naim power amps, nor valve (tube) amps which may well change more during warm up).

I used to leave all my kit on. But less so these days.
Tend to leave the nd5xs2 and qutest powered up, as they don’t consume much power and hence don’t get hot.
But I do switch off my pre and power amps. These do get warm. Especially in the summer. This heat will shorten the life of capacitors. ( changing those in my MF A300CR requires a full strip.)
So, these get turned off when not in use.
Downside is a brittle sound from them until they are up to temperature, which means a minimum of 45 mins switch on before proper use.
Like all things it’s a compromise.

I switch off my tubes pre every day, and from time to time the power amp . Not the streamer and server.
Switching off the power amp gives some minor uplift in sound for me. Other have observed the same.


Does the option re 45 min warm up for power amps apply to 300 & 500 NAP’s with separate PSU’s?

I leave all my poxes on…despite, for example, Rega saying that the Aura does not take long to warm up. To me, there is a difference between ‘warming up’ and reaching optimum performance.


…well, if Smallpox makes a return I will remember to leave the vesicles where they are!

I have found naim equipment to run fairly cool…
except for the NDS I used to have…that ran really hot…and I used to use a little fan to blow air over…then it was fine…

Yes, Naim, apart from some ICs such as on streaming boards etc…, usually runs pretty cool overall. However, circuits still require a bit of warm up before they sound at their best. This does not mean though that amps should run hot. To do so usually indicates they’re either working too hard, poorly ventilated, or there’s a problem somewhere such as with the speaker cabling.

My NAP500 usually sounded much better after 45 minutes warm up from cold, yes, so I’d imagine the NAP300 would be similar here.

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