Questions about Mu-so 2nd gen's alarm clock

I’m interested in the possibility of using a Mu-so 2nd gen in my bedroom, basically as an alarm clock. Ideally, when the alarm goes off, the Mu-so would tap into my Roon server and play from there; but I’m not sure how that might be coordinated with the Roon server. Thoughts?

Second, what sources are available via the Mu-so alarm clock? I heard in a Roon forum that the alarm clock is limited to internet radio “presets” and that a single preset can be changed to an internet radio station of one’s choosing. I can hardly credit that only 1 preset can be changed. So … what are the sources available to the alarm clock?

With the first generation you can pick any of your iRadio presets, with a different one for weekdays and weekends if you wish. I’d imagine the new ones are the same but it may be wise to ask your dealer.

I got a Naim Mu-So 2nd gen yesterday. After experimenting, I found I could use the Roon Alarm Clock extension to wake up the Mu-So (which had been in standby) at a chosen time and to play an internet radio station. I didn’t have to use Mu-So’s own alarm feature. The only glitch was that the volume was very high (which I turned down manually). I suspect that that was something to do with Roon, inasmuch as I’ve had problems before with Roon playing at very high volume.

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