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This is my first post after acquiring a pre owned Naim set consisting of a nap200, nac122x and a cd5i. This is going to be connected to Dynaudio evoke 30 loudspeakers (some delivery delay). When listening at the dealership to this used set versus a new supernait, I found the music via the used set more engaging. I have the following questions:
Dealer advised to leave the amplifier units ‘on’ continuously. Is that the best way to operate? Is it possible to connect 2 CD players at the same time and if yes, how should I do that? As the CD player is quite old, I am considering to upgrade. Would the cd5x be an improvement and how do these players compare to the cd 5si that is currently being offered by Naim? Lastly, if adding a hicap, would I get most benefit from connecting it to the pre amp or the CD player?

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Yes, the very best is all left on. You could compromise a bit (as I do) and just leave the preamp powered. YMMV, etc.

I cannot really comment on the CD5X - I have never owned one.
Yes, you could connect 2 CD players - just use another input (such as Tuner).

A HiCap powers a PreAmp - not a CD Player.

Going forward, I suggest you look to upgrade from the 122X.

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Thanks a lot for your response. If a hicap does not work for the CD player, would a flat cap be an alternative?

The hicap will give the greatest benefit connected to the 122x.

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Hi Robert,

Naim forum lore has it that the FC is more natural and less forced than a Hicap on the CD5, CD5x and CD5XS CD players. (Your CD5i will take neither a FC nor HC).

I own a CD5XS and corresponding FCXS and am very happy with the combination. Since you own a CD5i now, a CD5XS could be very good for you. It is the last iteration of the 5 series players.

Enjoy your music when the Dyns arrive.


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If you connect two Naim CD players to the same Naim pre-amp then you need to have the signal earth connection lifted on one of them (ask your dealer), otherwise overall performance will be compromised. This is because the source is the system earth reference. If you use a Naim CD player and another brand then you need to be careful as some higher end types have the signal earth connected and others don’t.

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A Flatcap 2 or XS will power both your Nac122x and a CD5x as I recall a CD5i has no power upgrade option.

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I’m wondering why on earth you’d want 2 CD players connected to the same pre-amp? Sell one of them (or both!) and put the funds towards a streamer.

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What about a turntable, say LP12 (or any other source for that matter) and a naim cdplayer? How does that work out?

Theres no need to have the amps on 24/7 really, I turn mine off at nights and when out.
Admittedly I ran my Naim for years 24/7, but that was with younger ears and no focus on climate changes.

CD5i is entrylevel and a CD5X is clearly better, indeed if you connect a Flatcap2 its very very good and can be used to connect preamp silmoustanely.

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It’ll depend if the signal earth is connected or not.

The CD5x is a step-up from the CD5i if you get the chance to acquire one (or a CDX2??). After this I’d look to swap the 122x for a 202 - or even better, a 282 - before adding separate power supplies.

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Welcome to Naim
1- CD5x is significantly better than the CD5i
2- a flatcap will benefit both your CD5x and 122x. Win win situation.
3- Always leave everything on. Much better.

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I’ve got the CD5SX and when I was buying it, I demoed this and the CD5i.

Given that I bought the CD5SX should give an indication of what I thought.

I did find a big difference in sound quality at the time, but I now also FlatCap SX as well.

A long time ago, I auditioned the Naim CD5X, the Rega Saturn - and a pre-loved Naim CDX2…

Guess what… :thinking:

Thank you very much for your advice. Regarding the 2 CD players I wanted to check which one i like better, the Naim cd5i or the primare cd32 which served me well over the years. By sheer luck I was able to swap the nac122 today for a nac202, so the pre amp issue has been resolved (for the time being) Regarding the alternative Naim players you mention, the problem is that they are not easily available in the Netherlands, but I will keep an eye on the market. Thanks for the explanations about the upgrade potential, clear to me know.

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In which case, a CDX2 or better if you are ever looking for a better Naim CD player than your CD5i.

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Notice the lack of spares and possible service issues with CD5X, not CD5i.

I have an ND555 and Solstice connected to my 552. Any ground considerations? I frankly hadnt thought about it!

On your ND555 switch it to “floating” on the back.

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