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I had been using an Unitiserve SSD for a number of years but managed to find an almost new Core at a very good price yesterday. I installed a 2TB drive into the Core. With the Unitiserve SSD, all my rips were stored on my NAS. I have some questions that perhaps Core users can help answer:

  1. Import function
    Does import mean importing music files from, say, my NAS into the 2TB installed drive on the Core?

  2. I managed to have the Naim App scan all my music on my NAS and now they appear on the App. However I noticed two instances where CDs with the same album title were grouped under one artist (even though they are different artists). For example, I have the Duets CD by Ane Brun and by Emmylou Harris. On the App, both CDs show up under Emmylou Harris as artist. Both CDs were ripped on the Unitiserve. How can I correct this?

  3. I presume I cannot use the folder on my NAS that contains the Unitiserve rips (that was previously used as the Store on the Serve) as the Store on the Core. Am I right?

  4. I use a Mac and on Finder in the Mac, I can see the Uniticore as a Shared drive on the network. I would like to connect to the Core from the Mac. How do I do that? The Mac requries me to enter the username and password. Do you know what they are?


Answers to your questions:

  1. Yes that’s right.

  2. if you import them into the Core then you can use the Naim app to edit the metadata so the two albums show up properly. If the Core isn’t certain that they are Unitiserve rips then it will import them into the downloads folder in the Core, in which case you can edit the metadata using your Mac.

  3. You can use your NAS as the music store. You have to define it as the music store in the Core’s setup.

  4. You shouldn’t need a username and password (there are none). I’m not a Mac user myself so I will leave someone else to suggest what to do. But it should work fine.



I can open up my Core on my Mac without entering any user name etc ?.


I can’t import the music as the internal Core drive of 2TB is not big enough to contain all the music on my NAS. I’ve configured the Core drive as the Store and the NAS music folder as a shared drive. I’ll just re-rip those CDs that show up under the wrong artist.

Somehow I can’t connect to the Core via Finder. I’ve sent an email to Naim support for help.

You don’t need to import music f you don’t want to. As you say, deleting the CDs that don’t appear correctly and re-ripping them is a good plan.

Basically you can have any one location as a store and multiple locations as shares, all just as you like.



You may need to go into security settings and grant permission to access the Core, which is a new requirement on Macs.

I did go through the System Preferences for this but couldn’t find anything where I could grant access to the Core

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Another question: Is it possible to operate the Core without an internal HDD/SSD installed? Since I can configure a folder on the NAS as the Store, I’m just wondering if it is possible and then any rips will just be saved on that folder.

TNC, I ran my Core with no internal drive for quite a while just saving rips to a folder on my NAS

I don’t have a NAS, but when I bought the Core and experimented with several drives I did try a USB drive into the Core (without an internal drive installed). The result was not good, and sounded ‘MP3-ish’ to me. When I reinstalled a drive into the Core that same USB drive sounded great. But then the drive installed in the Core was an important variable as well, where a ssd was superior to a standard hd. I suppose this parallels the previous Uniti Serve situation, where for many the ssd variant was better.

I also use the SSD in my Core but I didn’t notice any difference from the HDD I used before, except the Core was suddenly silent and cool.

But during a Naim demo Jason told us that they prefer to use an HDD in the Core rather than SSD because it “sounds better”.



I like the silent and cool aspect of ssd on the Core as well.

Interesting. I didn’t realize some from Naim prefer the sound of a standard drive in the Core. Also, back in the day I read that Martin Colloms preferred the standard Uniti Serve presentation to the ssd version.

In my system I much preferred the ssd in the Core.

In my Core I use a Seagate Pipeline 2tb as recommended by Naim only time you hear any noise is occasionally when ripping.

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Thank you.
I’ll try it without an internal drive and hear how it sounds.
I read through the Uniti Core Support on the Naim website and it did hint that one could operate the Core without an internal drive but I wasn’t entirely sure.

Another question (sorry):
I noticed that the Core or Naim App, after it scanned my music folder on my NAS that contains all the Unitiserve rips, now shows many of the albums’ metadata without my manual user edits. For example, I would add the artist’s name to the title of the song in Various Artists compilations so that I would know who is singing. But now the album just shows up on the App with the song titles only and my edits just disappear. I guess there is no way to have the Naim App or Core display the titles as I’ve edited them?

I think the only way is to import them into the music store. What the Core does, if it encounters rips from a Unitiserve/HDX, is to put them into the Music/MQ folder of the music store and it adds a further option into the metadata editing dialogue of “Legacy” where the manual edits made in the Unitiserve are respected. If it isn’t sure they are Unutisetve/HDX rips then it puts them on import into the Downloads folder and then you lose the manual edits, but you can of course re-edit those on your PC using proprietary metadata editing software.

As has already been established, that music store doesn’t need to be the internal disc.


I’ve just started importing the files into the store. Will take some time to complete.

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