Quick, dumb question - Tidal app & 272

I’ve picked up a 4 month Tidal sub (there’s an offer for £1.99 on at the mo), and was wondering - is there a way to play Tidal tracks on my 272 by using the Tidal app on my phone, as I can with Spotify?

Or is it only possible to use the Tidal features of the Naim app, in which case the Tidal app itself is somewhat redundant?

It seems that the latter is the case, but I just wanted to check I wasn’t missing something.

No, you have to use the Naim App.


The Naim app takes it’s feed direct from Tidal and not from your control pad. I’d expect using your control pad as the intermediary device via Bluetooth would be much poorer.

Thanks Chris, the fact that playlists etc carry over from the Tidal app is useful to know.

Does that mean I don’t need the bluetooth aeriel plugged in on my 272?
So the iPad only sends messages to Tidal via my router via wifi - and has no direct comms with the 272?
So when my iPad recognises that the 272 is in the room at switch on, that’s all moderated via my router (as it manages the IP addresses of both items) via wifi too?

Yes, there is no ‘point to point’ communication between individual devices, it all goes over the network.
Bluetooth is only for direct plyback from the iPad to the streamer. Unless you specifically choose to use it for that purpose, I would disable it and remove the antenna.

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Brill - thanks ChrisSU - will do.

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