Quick hifi set-up

This might be of interest, and then again it might not!

Quick 1 hour hifi set-up (note to mods, none of these items are modified in any way)

On the left hand side we have an analogue source, consisting of my trusty Sony PS-Q3a with a rega phono mini.

On the right hand side we have a digital source, consisting of a raspberry Pi with a hifi berry DAC hat acting as a roon endpoint. iPad acting as a roon remote.

The amplifier is an eclipse Td 307 (the big aluminium cap to the amp is the volume control) feeding eclipse TD 508 speakers.

We have a Nobsound RCA splitter to toggle between digital and analogue sources and also provide another volume control.

And then for a bit of fun add an vintage realistic graphic equaliser box

This was a lot of fun to assemble and worked first time, then sounded great (the eclipses always do and they don’t mind where they are placed). The tiny amp has a sub-out line, adding one of these would give the sound some extra weight but it actually very easily drives the speakers. The kids especially like messing around with the equalisers!

If you take the speakers out of the equation, your looking at a couple of hundred quid worth of components for a bit of a fun hifi set-up.

Thanks for reading.



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