Quick Poll - Interconnect cable from NDX2 to NAC 32-5 (Chrome Bumper)

Hello everybody,

I am a french owner of this Naim system:
Naim NDX2 > NAC 32-5 + NAP 250 CB + Hicap CB > WHA Phantom speakers cable > Naim SBLs

I wonder which would be the most performing and suitable
new or second-hand interconnect DIN5-DIN5 180° cable between
the NDX2 and the NAC 32-5 under the bar of 250 GBP / 300 EUR.

I have retained this shortlist:

  1. Classic Naim cable (cheap budget)
  2. Witch Hat Audio classic Hatpin5 (ok budget)
  3. Witch Hat Audio Morgana Pin5 (too expensive as new)
  4. Naim Hiline (quite expensive, around 330 GBP in France)
  5. Chord Shawline (reasonable budget)
  6. Chord Epic (more or less the same price as WHA Morgana)
  7. Tellerium Black II DIN5 (too expensive as new)
  8. Any other reference welcomed

My question is: which one of them would be your top 3?
Keep in mind it is for a NAC 32-5 CB, not for a black serie.
Many thanks for your inputs and feedback to all.

Naim Hiline sounds very good but is fragile.


You mean, the cable itself is fragile?

The body of the DIN plugs is made from plastic rings which provide mechanical decoupling. It’s these which are fragile and need to be handled carefully. Apart from that it’s a great cable.

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i’ve got a shawline between my Aria phono stage and NAC82 and it sounds great… Not expensive either…

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Well noted. Thanks for your good advice!

My choice - 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Keep It Simple, S…


Just use the one that comes with the ndx2.


Chord Cobra if you can find one. Simple and cheap but I’ve tried more expensive cables and they killed dynamics - Chord will replace RCAs and DINs if you send it back…


As per above, the one that comes with it in the box.


Add the AR Lunar Din to Din to your list decent price too and can be found used in the usual places, I use an RCA to Din Lunar between a DAVE/HMS and 552DR with no urge to change it.


I purchased a used Naim Hi Line interconnect cable from my dealer a few years ago. I don’t think I would have stretched to the cost of buying a new cable. So you may want to check with your dealer to see if any used ones are hanging out in the shop. If you not then maybe you could ask for a loaner to do a side by side comparison against the standard cable that is provided with the Naim gear.

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I have a Hi-line and the standard Naim cable. I am currently doing a trial of Morgana.

I have lots of boxes and hence cables, Hiline sounds better to me, but the gap is small enough that one can spend time wondering it it’s real at all until a different LP makes it clear. Others have appreciated it on my hi-fimore than me- younger or better trained ears - but we all agree that the standard Naim cable is good.

Hi line is fragile IME in pins and the plastic tags that hold the case shut. It also works best if positioned carefully - not wrapped around a power lead, say.

So far, Morgana sounds better than Hiline, but again the gap is not big. It is easier to use -see above.

Morgana interconnects seem to make a good less difference than SNAICs and Burndies. A big plus for WH cables seems to be proper screening, but that matters more to those with badly-organised cables.

If I had your boxes, I’d use the basis Naim lavender cable and spend your money elsewhere.


It would cost £129 to replace the cable that you’ve received in the ndx2 box, this is more than the “hatpin 5” cable. Have you not tried this?

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well the seller could not provide the ndx with its original naim cable. so for the moment I use another RCA-DIN non. naim cable.

The standard Naim cable is very good and not expensive. Why not just order one from your Naim dealer. You can also find them used on eBay.


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