Quick Q re: Nova sub-out


I am in the process of making an RCA cable to connect my Nova to my sub. My old Y splitter is not long enough for the new location. The sub only has one RCA input, so does not take the stereo output from the Nova…but is this a stereo output and does it matter? Should I just use one of the outputs and make do or do you need to splice the stereo output of the Nova into the single input of the sub?

Many thanks in advance x

Why not use the high level input which would give you a 2 channel connection?


The HL uses a SpeakON connector, which I don’t have here with me. I have a bunch of RCA plugs though.

You have thousands of pounds worth of HiFi equipment and you’re prepared to use a sub-optimal setup in order to avoid buying a relatively cheap cable? That would not be my approach.

Firstly, using the RCA signal isn’t inferior to the HL / speaker input. Secondly, we’re talking about a signal wire to a sub, not the Large Hadron Collider…

The right and left outputs of the nova have different signals (obviously) so using only one to the sub will not sound right or good. Also, because the signals are different, simply splicing them together risks damage to the output stages of the amplifier. I think you need to find a sub that is compatible with your nova. Which isn’t hard.

That depends on how the sub is designed. Rel strongly advise people to use the high level input for best sound quality, as did Naim with the N-Sub. The fact that your sub doesn’t even bother to provide a 2 channel low level input would suggest that it’s not a top priority for them either.
Not sure what contrasting it to the Large Hadron Collider is about. Any old cheap, thin cable will be fine for the high level input.

A simple Y splitter is compatible with the sub. I want to make a new one. What is was asking is if there is any reason that a simple splice across the channels is OK, or if there is a mono-out option on the Nova that I’d not found. But…but hey.

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