Quick question, can I stack my napsc on top of my Hicap dr...short term, lost a shelf!

As mentioned in the title I have had a surprise visitor in the form of a rather sad looking LP 12(story in “show us your sondek thread”).

The problem is the LP12 has now taken residence on the top shelf of my rack relegating the napsc and hicap to the floor which is a bit of an issue for my beloved, so just as a temporary measure would I be okay to stack the napsc directly on top of the hicap?

I have had to add a phono stage (Rega Fono mk5) that at the moment is having to sit on top of my 202 thought that would be the best option as apposed to sitting on top of the streamer or the power amp.

Any thoughts would be very must appreciated, many thanks for taking the time to read this post.

It’ll be fine. You might be able to put it on the floor under your rack if there’s room so that it’s out of sight. Just keep it away from the sources and preamp, especially the phono stage, as these carry very sensitive low level signals.

Hi ChrisSU, many thanks for responding so quickly, unfortunately there is not enough room under the lower shelf to be able to slide it under so really stacking was my only option to free up some room.

What are your thoughts on the position of the phono stage, any issues there would you think, thanks.

Sounds like you need another shelf or two! Because phono stages are usually small it’s tempting to put them on the same shelf as other small boxes, which often means a Hicap or NAPSC. You really want it higher up where it is clear of the power amp and power supplies. That includes the cables too. The best solution is probably to give it a shelf of its own under the turntable, but that may not always seem like a domestically acceptable option!

This is where we are at the moment.

Guess it will take a few weeks to get an extra shelf but hopefully shouldn’t be a problem for now.

That was quick work on the refurb!

I had to shuffle the kit order on my Fraim just a couple of weeks after it was assembled as I was getting a hum that turned out to be generated by my HiCap through my Phono Stage.
Before and after pic’s below.
Moral of the story is “keep power supplies as far from sensitive source devices, like Phono Stages as reasonably (or unreasonably) as possible!”


It will take more than a few weeks to get a new shelf from that bunch. I have ordered a few spare legs and other bits for my hifi rack. Goodness me they are slow. And if you do chase them, they get right arsey!
They are right up there with WH for providing a slow service with poor comms.
And still charging handsomely.
Order now, and you may get the bits in jan.

It’s looking neat for now.


I intended to take my time but as work progressed I just kept going, in fairness the strip down was pretty quick, the longest task was stripping the plinth back to bare wood to rectify some of the bad marks and scratches before finally repainting it.

I have taken a few images as the work progressed meaning to post them but haven’t got around to doing it yet. I must admit that I really enjoyed the whole process, still needs some fine tuning but it is in the warm now and in daily test mode at the moment.

Been twenty odd years since I had a turntable, cant believe how much I’m enjoying it.

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Best I could manage at the moment and it sounds like it will probably stay this way for some time if comments on Hifi racks delivery times are anything to go by.

Guessing additional shelves are not a priority, to be fare I haven’t ordered one yet so I may be doing them an injustice, we will see.

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