Quick question re connecting 300 DR to 252

Do I need any additional cables other than what’s in the box for the 300 DR to connect it to a 252? Just ordered a second hand 300 to replace my 250. Thanks!

The 300 needs to connect to the supercap rather than the 252. All cables should be with the 300.

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That’s great, thanks very much :+1:

Remember to check with the seller that the required cables are included in the sale, as people sometimes leave them out. If they are not included, the used price should reflect this as Naim always provide them.


Also, in your excitement when connecting it, remember that the left and right channel Din to XLR cables are specific to the L/ R channels. You’ll get rather disturbing buzzing sound if you connect them them incorrectly. Enjoy your 300 DR!


Thanks very much for the replies . Looking forward to hearing the 300DR - my only concern is that the Ear review said it was a slightly bright presentation although I’ve not heard anyone else say that on here. Sadly I’ve not been able to demo it as it’s second hand purchase from a well known auction site . I’m buying it from a well known dealer who I’ve bought lots of Naim stuff from so I can always return it but hopefully it won’t come to that.

We went from 250DR to 300DR but brightness wasn’t a thing we noticed.

You do get better control of speakers, cleaner bass and more detail (especially at lower listening levels).

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I went from 250DR to 300DR years ago. It is definitely not brighter. It does however, have much better bass and refinement, and my speakers play at low/moderate volume much better.

I don’t think there was a single downside in terms of sound quality going from 250 to 300. Everything about the upgrade was an improvement, although it does need space for another box.


I upgraded from 250DR to 300DR late last year. Definitely not a brighter presentation, if anything a touch darker because of the extra weight at the lower end.

Unlike most others, I’ve not noticed a big improvement in low level detail. The 250DR was already quite good in that regard in my system, the 300DR was maybe a little better.


300DR has been in the system since last night. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good, for me a huge upgrade on the 250DR which is itself a great amp. The bass and detail are incredible. I think my NDX2 really comes into its own with the 300DR.


I would not be concerned. There is nothing bright about 300DR. It is a better amp and you will enjoy it very much :slight_smile: As most often it will sound better after being on for a couple of days. Enjoy!

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That’s what I also remember. And that it sounds more relaxed with more headroom. A more beautiful presentation than 250DR. It will sound even better coming weeks :slight_smile:

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The 300DR is really very special and very capable. I have no desire nor need to change mine as long I stick with Naim gear.

As good as the 250DR is, it’s just not in the same league, on any level.


The headroom comment is one we’d agree with.

Dense metal at thunderous volumes hardly makes the 300DR break sweat.

It wasn’t until we got the 300DR that we actually appreciated the quality of mastering/mixing on some recordings of music which can be “difficult” to present (thrash/death metal for instance).

But across many recordings bass notes moved from a background hum to actual defined notes each decaying into the next.