Quick question re repairs

The plastic rings on my hi line have cracked and I need to get it repaired. Can I send this to Naim direct or do I have to do this through my dealer? Does anyone know what this would cost? Great cable, it’s very flimsy though!

As an aside, I’ve put the lavender cable back for the time being and it’s actually rather good. More detailed than the hi line imo. Still prefer the hi line though…

Naim used to repair Hilines without charge although I don’t know if that is still their policy. You need to return it through your dealer.

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Cheers Chris

Mine was repaired free of charge by Focal Naim N.A. about a year ago. I didn’t have to go through my dealer. They issued me a RA directly at the time.

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That… is a very cheap fix… No surprise (to me), that you find it very acceptable.

Focal-Naim will repair the hiline at no charge but be prepared for a wait. I waited several months for mine. Email Michel and he will take care of you. Nice chap to deal with.

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