Quick question ref Balance control on NAC252

When I turn the Balance control to the right (clockwise) the sound moves to the left speaker, if I turn it to the left (anti-clockwise) the sound moves to the right speaker…

I haven’t had a balance control since the 80s on mainstream systems, but I’m sure back then, if you turn to the right, the balance (sound) moves to the right speaker…

I’ve traced my speaker cables and they are connected correctly, are my interconnects reversed, or is this correct behaviour on Naim?

TIA, Carl

The speaker cables might need to actually cross over at the back of the amp.

Right sockets to left speaker etc.

Swapping them over will sort the problem. Have you got any orchestral stuff where you know the violins will be on the left? This will check results.

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Yes speaker cables crossed around the wrong way at back of amp.
If your looking at the amp from the front, the left speaker should connect to the right side amp connection and vice versa for the right speaker.
Basically the opposite to what you would think.

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Haha that’s crazy, but easily fixed!! Many thanks, will switch them around and enjoy my music collection all over again :grin:

Very common easy mistake, I did the same and was like it for a couple of months before knowing. :+1:t2:

Pleased I’m not the only one, did you notice a sound difference?

IIRC, it’s something to do with how kit is racked in recording studios and Naim, who supplied Capital Radio at one point, have always done it this way - check the Manual for the Amp (not the Pre-amp).

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Yep, it’s from Naim’s early roots in studios. Just for completeness the Uniti models do it the other way.
I was quite confused when people mentioned this when I joined the forum a few years ago , I’ve been using 135 monoblocs since 1989 and I’d completely forgotten how my 140 used to be wired up.

It actually says left and right on the back. Who’d have imagined that people might actually read it.


CH1 = LEFT. CH2 = RIGHT. It makes sense when you look at the back of the power amp head on (and with pro amps this usually how they are placed - socket side forwards). However, if you keep the amp/system positioned between the speakers then the speaker cables would need to cross - a good reminder that placing the system between the speakers is usually less than ideal sonically.

While you’re at it, maybe check that the speakers are not wired out of phase! If you didn’t read the L and R labels, chances are you ignored the + and - too.

I did get the speaker polarity correct, they are colour-coded :blush:

However one of the interconnects between NAC and SC was also reversed.

It all sounds amazing now, I thought I may need a Fraim as it didn’t sound right before, and it was just because I’d cabled incorrectly :see_no_evil:

Thanks so much for the responses, what a difference it has made!

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