Quick REW question

Finally decided to have a go at some room measurements (wish me luck)!
Stage 1 completed - successfully downloaded REW software.
About to order DSP UMIK microphone.
To connect laptop to my 272 can I use USB from laptop to front USB input on 272 or will I need to go from headphone out to RCA inputs?
Many thanks

If the 272 USB input is similar to that on the Nova, it will not accept a USB signal acting as an audio “line out” from a computer, as it is only meant to be used to connect an external USB storage device like a thumb drive or external HD. Also, I seem to recall (although I admit it has been a while since I looked) seeing something in the REW instructions that you should use the headphone out on your computer.

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Many thanks Maison

The 272 USB input is a bit different to the one on the Nova, but neither if them will do what you want. You can play from an iOS device into the 272, but not from a laptop.

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