Quick ROON question

If I go with a 14-day trial with ROON can I install the ROON Core onto my MacBook and then after the trial, assuming I enjoy it, re-install it on a NUC please (that I can run headless and hide out of sight)?

Also, really dumb question. I assume I MUST have the Core as part of the trial? I can’t just sign-up, download the App to my phone and start streaming from Tidal and WD Cloud storage?

Yep. That’s what I did (bought a Nucleus and lifetime sub when the trial ended) and yes you need a Core.

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Thanks for the swift response.

Been hearing loads about it lately and saw a great YT video explaining all the features and UI.

Thanks again.

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It’s good. Really helps me make the most of my music collection and Qobuz subscription across multiple devices. Plenty of help on the forum if you run into issues.

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If you want to keep any changes and settings you make to your library whilst on the trial then make sure you back up the Roon database before the trial ends. You will then be able to restore the database when you install on NUC


10-mins in and loving it already. The UI is great and the Roon Radio feature is the very good based on a quick test.

One more Q please - is it possible to add my DAC manually so can be seen in the ‘Signal Path’ section? I’ve got a Qutest connected via SPDIFF to my CXN streamer.

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I think roon will only see the first device. So if the Cambridge is roon ready then that will appear as an option as a roon endpoint. The chord dac is just a dac and not a roon endpoint, and you can’t airplay to it so roon can’t see it.

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Ah makes sense, only asked as am sure I’ve seen DACs listed in that screen. Must not have been Chord.


I think roon bridge software can see the dac. When I had a pc running roon bridge connected via usb to my Naim dac v1, the dac v1 was visible in the output path.

Here is my raspberry pi running roon bridge with a hifiberry digital out hat which feeds my unitiqute via coax. Roon can see the hifiberry but it has no idea the unitiqute is there.

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I love Roon but the Radio is not getting much good press when listening for longer, apparently it becomes very repetitive after 30 tracks or so (though I haven’t tried it much)

Are you saying that you go from roon core to Qtest to Cambridge via spdif?
If so, roon will not see the cambridge as spdif is a one way protocol.
Which ever way you look at it roon will see the first roon ready device in the chain

Spdif data is one way it’s out only so does not send data back to Roon. Only USB or network connected devices feed back and show in signal path

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Depends on the service used. With Tidal and Qobuz it very rarely repeats artists or albums. Qobuz on its own depends on what seed is and seems to some how be a little prone to repeating but some sessions go on and on. Tidal on its own was good to. Problem I am seeing and others is Qobuz seems to be the issue for one reason or another. I have an ongoing support ticket that many others are chiming in on.


Yep I have no issues with repetition using Tidal. I have discovered so many new artists and songs. Now I tend to seed Roon with just a couple of songs to head it in the right direction and then look forward to Roon radio taking over

My reading of the discussion on the Roon forum was that it only takes the very last track in account for seeding. Is that not the case?

I had not heard that. I’d be very surprised if that was the case. As an ex Pandora listener (Pandora pioneered this ‘radio’ concept IMO) I had made the assumption that it was smarter than that. I’ll go for a wander over to the roon community

Might not be same same for everyone then, because on the “How to get the best experience from Roon Radio?” thread on the Roon forum, the OP there (armandhammer) has Tidal, Qobuz, and 80,000 local tracks, and after 30 tracks it is still repeating

I think he’s using the Cambridge as a transport only, so roon to Cambridge to chord dac to amp.

Ok. Maybe a little clarity from the OP is required. :+1:

Yes it uses the last track after an album is played to seed radio or you can use a single track and start radio from that.

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