Quick stacking question

2 of these will have to sit on top of each other, question is which 2 (and which on top/bottom)?

NAP 250 DR
NAC 272
Panasonic ub9000 UHD player

I would put the 272 under the Panasonic on one shelf on top, 250 then XPS.

Forgive me for clarifying you’re saying keep the 250 & XPS completely separate, but put the Panasonic on top of the 272 right?

My assumption was to leave the source as a definite separate - but thats why I came here to ask.

How many shelves do you have, two or three?

From my own experience I would have the 272 totally separate. I think the only reason the Panasonic was mentioned to sit on top was an assumption that it also needed to be factored onto the order.

Try 272 totally separate and then XPS at the bottom and 250 on top. Not hard to switch around later to see if you hear a difference.

Keep that Panasonic away from the Naim boxes if possible (as much as you can of course!)

These should help. No option for another rack, no option for another shelf due to the beam that would hide the tv, no option to move the rack far enough back or forwards to mitigate previous point. Just a big enough gap for an additional box and the question of which order to stack them possibly moving the Panasonic which is bottom right in the pics.

Thanks for the constructive comments.

Ah. In a heart beat I would go stereo. (I do) Lose the centre channel and spread the 2-channel boxes around the rack. More fun for all sources.
Not interested in that? Then I was suggesting keeping the XPS away from the 272 as much as possible. Now 250 on the RH side if possible. And just try the Panasonic in a few places, but not on the 250. Have fun.

I’d be inclined to put the XPS underneath the 250. Bear in mind that to work at its best the burndy needs to hang free and not touch anything. Maybe you could keep it off the floor with bits of pipe insulation.

While you say all sorts of things are not possible, I really would try to accommodate a small rack just for the Naim. Having it squashed together on that rack will make it sound as poor as possible, which seems a shame given the £15k you have spent. Consider also the efforts Naim go to in order to minimise the deleterious effects of microphonic vibration, and the impact of having a thumping speaker on the same rack.

It’s your choice of course, but it could all be so much better.

It might be the picture, but there appears to be room behind the rack for say a three of shelves of Fraim lite. You could then put the Xpsdr and 250 and 272 on those, as they are best left turned on all the time. Leaving the ones you need access to on the main rack.

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