Quickie re siting two HiCap DR

I have my HCDR (to Superline) on its own shelf.
Thinking of getting another for either the SN3 or CD5X.

Not particularly wanting to add shelves, would it be non-harmful SQ-wise to have them side by side, or are they antisocial little beasts?

It’s perfectly fine.

Just remember that they are basically half as wide as the other boxes so if you leave a small gap between them (as you should), they will together be wider than the SN. If your rack is a bit form fitting (Fraim) that may be a problem.

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I’ve run my two hicaps on different shelves, one to the left, and other to the right. I’ve also put them side by side on the same shelf. Is there a difference? Yes, but it’s marginal in my experience and for me, not worth the cost of a new shelf imho, especially something in the order of Fraim. HTH.

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Thanks @feeling_zen and @Graeme :slight_smile:

I think side by side is doable then. The shelves on my Atacama Evoque SE rack are easily wide enough for two HCs, with a nice gap between.

Thanks for your advice!

Just thinking out loud here, I wonder if there is any issue with a Hicap that carries an audio signal being sited close to the ac input side of a second Hicap. Worth taking a bit of care with cable dressing and keeping the two boxes apart, perhaps.

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Good advice @ChrisSU, thanks. I reckon there is a gap possible of 3, perhaps 3.5 inches between them. Yes to careful cable dressing - I need to do this for the whole system anyway :slight_smile:

Actually that’s not true. They are less than half as wide so two with a little gap between them will line up perfectly with the full width boxes.

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I have 2 HCDRs on one shelf. They look OK but I have no idea whether there is a sonic deficit over having them on separate shelves.

Second HiCap on the way. Move over, Rover!


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