Quiet Record Cleaning Machines

I have a Moth record cleaning machine which I hardly ever use due to the noise and the heat it generates in my small, 3M*2M, office where it and my lp collection are stored.
So I was wondering if anyone has used one of the following and how you get on with it and its noise and heat levels.

Knosti Disco Antistat Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine

Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent

HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine

Thank you

I don’t use any of those ones but can safely say that the Project is not for you! Thats like a Hoover on full power… well it is I guess!

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Good though😊

The moth is the loudest record cleaner I’ve ever heard. My VPI is a bit quieter and I used it in a room similar to yours but I wasn’t listening to music at the same time. I have a degritter now and the cleaning part isn’t too loud, the drying is louder, not as loud as the VPI as it’s just a fan but it goes on for 5 minutes instead of 4 or 5 revolutions. I can at least leave it to it’s own devices and pick up the record when its finished.
If you get an ultasonic keep a vacuum machine to as sometimes you need enzymes to get the much off and vacuum to get the enzyme solution off.

I have two of your list.

Knosti is fully manual. How loud do you breathe!?
Humminguru emits a horrible high pitched whine. I shut the door whilst it runs (a benefit of it being mostly automatic)

I’ve used the knosti and it’s useless, especially if you use their own cleaning fluid. it leaves a horrible residue.

only way to get them properly clean is either an ultrasonic or vacuum and accept the noise

Hi @gthack
The Knosti is the Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic

Hi @Yeti
Thank you.
Unfortunately I do not have room for both.

I use the manual Disco-Antistat and it does an excellent job in my experience. Manual but cheap and silent - worth a try,

Ah, sorry!!

Very little noise or heat with a Loricraft or a Keith Monks.


I have a moth.

Noise isn’t a problem, I have a pair of Royal Artillery issue ear defenders.

Although the wife doesn’t like me using it, she claims it scares the :cat:

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The cat could have a worse deal…you could be playing Emerson Lake and Palmer or Yes.


I remember my cat, when I had one, being rather nonplussed by the centre section of Echoes. (Pink Floyd in case there’s any doubt).

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