Quobuz on Naim app

Why can I not see Quobuz on my Naim app? I have App version 5.23.2. on iPhone. Is it because I have an ND5XS currently connected?

Check the input settings on your Naim app. Qobuz needs to be enabled or you won’t see it as an option.

1st generation streamers don’t support Qobuz.

Realise the ND5XS doesn’t support Qobuz, but is this why I cannot see it on the App?

It does not appear in the Input Settings

Yes, if the app discovered a 2nd gen streaner on your network it would show Qobuz as an input.

OK - that explains it. Perhaps an ND5XS2 is in order.

There are workarounds that can be used to get Qobuz on a 1st gen streamer. Several threads discussing the options here if you search.
An ND5XS2 would have Qobuz built in though, and it’s a nice upgrade of sound quality and has a few other useful features too.

Try Mconnect app . You will be able to have Qobuz, until you receive the Nd5xs2.

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