Quobuz vs Tidal

Since Quobuz will finally be available in Canada in may, i am wondering if some of you had the chance to compare the two and which one is the best.

Not again… this has been discussed to death.
Try using the search function to read up on the multitude of previous threads.


Okay, i’ll check thanks !

Denis, apologies if I sounded curt but this is one of the most discussed topics on here.
Even after reading, the decision will be down to you, which you prefer to listen to and use.


No need to apologize Neil, it is okay ! But i appreciate that you took time to post a friendlier answer :slightly_smiling_face:


I have ran Qobuz Sublime, Tidal Hifi and Spotify in parallel for well over 3 years, probably more, due to preferring Spotify playlists, Tidal is very US centric and Qobuz good but catalogue is lacking firnpop, r&b, dance, trance …

Sound quality i have always kept Qobuz for Hifi and mobile on the go, clearly the best, but now my Innuos server support a first unfold upto Qubuz 24/96, i ditched Qobuz.

Finding Tidal is finally my sole family service now, curation of music is now better than Spotify and includes videos albeit i use this via the TV app.

In conclusion best to trust your ears, sign up for a trial and decide and share your thoughts.

I am sure i will try Qobuz again …

Oh note there are many users happy with Spotify :rofl: who think we are mad


Thanks, exactly the kind of answer i am looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is this? Never heard of the genre and google didn’t help much either.

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From pop … or i created a new genre :laughing:

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Just get both! Even then you may be missing out on some albums that are only on CD.

For personal comparison preferences absolutely!

This time last year I had Qobuz/Tidal/Apple Music (family).

Tidal sub cancelled.

The other two give me and family members virtually all I need.

If and when that will be rationalised too.

Roon is never used currently, that sub will go along with Audirvana last year.

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It’s 20 ish quid a month for both - about 15 bob per day. What’s not to like?

When is Quobuz coming to Canada?

I did a side by side Tidal vs Qobuz a few years back and Qobuz won for sound quality. My room, my system, my ears…

The price was also less expensive by $5 per month. I have since gone to pre-paying for a yearly subscription and has brought the price down to $10.83 per month.

I find their library is substantial and meets my needs. I also have a NAS with approximately 2000 or so CD and HiRes Downloaded albums available to play.

Highly recommend.


In may, but maybe it is just in Quebec the article was not clear. The article i read mentioned that the QUB radio platform of Quebecor will migrate to Quobuz in may. You can surely google it.

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“Qobuz, the pioneering French high-res online music platform that is a touchstone for audiophiles worldwide, will be coming to Canada in May 2023.”


I use both, some albums sound better on qobuz and some better on tidal.

But most high resolution álbuns available on both platforms most of the time sound better on qobuz,

Qobuz also have some exclusive álbuns that tidal does not have and vice versa, I find tidal to have more complete discographies.

For me are both good, in my case if I only had to add one I would choose tidal and this year when my qobuz subscription expires I will maintain only tidal, not for the quality but because the product is what my family likes more, and sounds good enough for my streaming needs.

Most of the time I listen to my own music.


If you have a melco device with the upgrade, you can download directly to it from qobuz, thats a bonus, and very easy to do as well.

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Not bad value for 2 audio services I agree, but personally I’m cutting back in areas I used to pay for the luxury of extra choice even if the service is rarely used.

I was on the £20/month Tidal tier, and could have dropped to the £10/month one but when I got a few consecutive emails showing royalties to ‘most played’ I soon realised how little I used it compared to Qobuz which is around £180/year for a Sublime package.

I actually started a similar thread here little over a week ago, I used Tidal for over a year until I bought my nd5xs2 a month ago, I really liked it but since the nd5xs2 cannot decode MQA I thought I’d give Qobuz a try and after 6 days the verdict is Qobuz is the clear winner… I have to say I do like Tidal’s interface and it’s Tidal Connect ability but for me it’s all about SQ and hands down Qobuz’s hi-res has it all over tidal. I was pleasantly surprised to see they have way more hi-res albums& tracks that I listen to then tidal has in MQA :+1: