Qute2; App loses my room

I have a Qute2; it is wired. It has worked well for the last 7 years until late with the Naim app. But now after about 15 minutes (variable) the app reverts back to Searching for room and cannot find my device. The music will continue to play generally but can cut out randomly some time after. I have to reboot the app to get the room back. If I use Hifi Cast, I don’t seem to lose the room but occasionally there is a random sudden end, annoying half way through a final movement. I have Qute set on Stay Connected. I have re-installed the app. I have dis-connected and re-connected the Qute. No improvement.
Can anyone shed some light on why this happens and what I might do to rectify it. Thanks

…not much help but this has happened a few times for me. My system will run perfectly for a very long time and on occasion I get drop outs. I usually shut down everything, including my NAS and then bring it all back up and for what ever reason everything works. On occasion I have also rebooted the router as well.

Don’t know what the issue is but that is what a I have experienced over time with streaming.

Good luck and hopefully someone else can chime in.

Thanks. Nice to know I’m not alone. I pretty much do what you do though I have turned off the NAS other than via the router. Would be good if someone knew an answer

If you have 4.4 or later firmware on your UQ2 then almost certainly it is that the UQ2 has failed to acquire a new lease from the router, possibly because it didn’t ask for one.

I have noticed this problem in a different way, in that if I restart my router, for example because the cable broadband is slow or stopped, then my UQ2, UL, SU and 272 all vanish from the network, some immediately and some a few hours later. The Qb and the Core are fine.

This behaviour started with firmware version 4.4 and as I upgraded the firmware on a couple of streamers that were on 4.3 and not exhibiting it, they acquired the same issue. If I don’t restart my router, everything is stable for months at a time.

I have reported this behaviour in the beta group a few times but Naim haven’t been able to replicate it.

So I suspect your problem is related to this. Firmware version 4.4 introduced a bug in the procedure for acquisition of an IP address compared with version 4.3, but no one who can do anything about it believes there is a problem and so no one is looking to fix it!



David. Thank you for your comprehensive and to my untrained mind very believable hypothesis. Is it possible to go back to 4.3 and if so where do I download it from. Noisy

Would a static IP address rather than DHCP solve it?

You can try 4.3 if you want to. It’s available for download from Naim’s website. But you will lose Tidal and Spotify which came in with 4.4

I don’t know whether fixing the IP would help or not because I don’t know where the bug that Naim inadvertently introduced with 4.4 and later is. Nor do they!


Thanks David. I think 'll go back to 4.3. I don’t need either Spotify or Tidal

I think I’ve found the culprit. It is not the Streamer firmware, but the Naim app. I have gone back to Version 4.3 but that made no difference. I noticed, listening to longer pieces, that the Naim app “cut out” during the piece and told me it could not find my room. If I dived in and reset it, we generally got though to the end. If I did not, then at some point a cut out arose. using Bubble UpNp or Hifi Cast, that did not arise. Both stayed in contact with the Naim and played through to the end with no problem. So it seems to me the issue is with the app, which may explain why Naim can’t replicate David’s finding. Perhaps the app is getting too complex with too many types of unit to service
Whatever, I am singularly unimpressed. In another thread, it was effectively suggested that those of us still owning first generation streamers (more than 3 years old!) could hardly expect any more. Well, I do. If I took my 3 year old BMW into the Dealer for a service and he updated the firmware but the satnav then conked out half way down the motorway because it’s such as old car I’d need persuading to buy another. if he then said, “well it’s an old car now Sir, I’d buy a TomTom” I’d think he’d be taking the rise, and I certainly wouldn’t. But perhaps I’m doing Naim a dos-service

Perhaps their support is of the level of my typing!!! :grin:

I don’t think it is the app per se because I use it with four different legacy streamers and a UnitiCore and it’s rock solid. If the UQ2 is still seeing the network then, it might be something to do with your WiFi, such that the app loses sight of the streamer. The fact that the WiFi works for other apps doesn’t necessarily help track down a Naim problem because they all use different protocols etc (as someone more knowledgeable than me can explain better.)

I would turn off “Stay Connected”. It’s not needed and that might be part of the problem. If you keep the smartphone near the WiFi access point, does it still lose the UQ2? Can you try another WiFi access point?



Thanks as ever David. I’ll try turning off “Stay Connected” to see if that works and perhaps borrow my son’s gaming router to see if that makes a difference

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