As an expedient while I sort out a better streamer how do I connect a Qute2 to my 202/200? If I go into program mode on the 202 and enable the RCA Aux2 input on it, rather than the DIN aux2, can I connect this to the pre-amp out phonos on the Qute2 or is the output too high? At the moment the only source I’m putting through it is a CD player through the CD RCA inputs. I want the functionality of the Qute2. Thanks in advance.

It’ll work fine, but you’ll be putting the signal through two preamps, one in the Qute, and the 202. The Qute is really intended to run direct into a power amp, so you could do that, although if you keep the CD player, that would also need to be connected to the Qute.

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Thanks Chris. Why does the CD player need to go through the Qute. There’s 2 pairs of RCA inputs on the 202 marked CD and Aux2? I was going to run the CD directly through the 202 and the Qute2 pre-amp output into the second pair of RCA inputs.

What I meant was that if you use the Qute direct into the 200, you wouldn’t use the 202 (until you have a separate streamer to connect to it) so you would have to use the Qute analogue input to connect your CD player.
As I said, you can still run the Qute into the 202 if you prefer, even though running the signal through two preamps and two volume controls may not be optimal. If it’s a short term measure while you save for a streamer, either way will work.

You can run it exactly as you suggest. You need to make the Loudspeakers setting on the Qute to None.

Control can be a problem as both remotes are likely to change both devices, but that can be worked round - search for change IR codes.

I used to set the Qute a volume to give me an output at the same level as the other sources through the pre-amp, then do all the volume control through the pre-amp.

It all works pretty well.

Yes I could do that I suppose and box the 202 up until I get a better streamer. The Qute2 doesn’t have a DIN signal output (only RCA) and the 200 only has a DIN signal input (and no RCA). So if I got an RCA to DIN lead and connect the Qute to the NAP200 directly and the CD through the Qute that would simplify things at the espense of improved SQ of the CD bypassing the Qute2 and going just through the 202/200.

So I think what I’ll do is connect the Qute and the CD to the 202 via RCA’s as per my original post for now (noting what Gavin says about the issues with 2 remotes) and when I get a suitable signal lead I’ll connect the Qute directly to the 200 and the CD player into the Qute and put the 200 back in the box for a few weeks. Hopefully, I’ll have a dedicated streamer by then. Not sure which one to go for yet though.

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