R-com and nac 52

I just checked in different threads but have not found an answer.
Just bought a r-com and it arrived today.
Wow… this is a Remote! Love it!

Volume and mute is working with my 52, but switching inputs with previous and next does not. Is there a mistake from my side?
But if even volume and Mut ate the only functions- it is worth with this fine piece of art. :slight_smile:

Not familiar with its use on a 52 but Is the ‘pre’ button highlighted in white ? On my 252, input selection wont work when tuner is selected on the r-com

As Deeg says, you need to ensure it’s in PRE mode.

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If an R-COM is like a cooking Naim remote, it defaults to CD mode - as (as above) needs to be selected into Pre mode.

On mine, the numbers select the Pre’s Inputs - so 1 is Phono, 2 is CD, etc.

Yes , pre is highlighted!
In white.
On my other remote the numbers select the inputs. But there are no numbers on r com.
Manual says prev and next will do it.

Apologies but thats the limit of my knowledge as have never used one with a 52… hopefully another person can assist further.

Thanks a lot. Seems that it is not intended to work with 52. volume and mute will do :0)

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Is yours an early 52…?
Believe those used a different Remote protocol…?
@Richard.Dane - ??

Early NAC52s used a completely different and unique RC protocol, so likely nothing would work if trying to use an R-com.

I don’t know about the NAC52 and input selection using the R-com. I would have thought it should work just like the later pre-amps. I wonder whether there’s some issue at play here within the NAC52. Perhaps @NeilS has an idea here?

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Thanks a lot
Thought the same.
It is a later one with the new rc protocol.
Input selection works fine with hdx remote - but unfortunately not with previous / next on r-com

Does the R-com work OK with a different Naim pre-amp?

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:slight_smile: do not know, as there is no other amp here.
Works fine (prevent / next) with my tuner (which is not installed in the system currently), so I assume the r-com is fine

Richard is correct - if your 52 was the pre RC5 version, it wouldn’t work at all.
It should work with an RC5 NAC52.
Bit of a puzzle!
I initially thought maybe it’s in the (non publicised) AV mode - but the volume wouldn’t work then. And removing/refitting the batteries would revert it back to standard preamp mode anyway.
I will make some further enquiries next week.



Works fine with every other remote.
Think the nac52 is too early for the massive r-com
Thanks @NeilS for your help and enquiries next week

Just some add. Question.
The r-com was used, but like new. The volume buttons (think most used) do creak a bit but function is perfect.
Is the some lubricant way? Silicone spray?

I would avoid spraying any kind of silicone onto or into the remote.

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Ok - thanks!

Hi drago,

Just wanted to drop in to say I haven’t forgotten about this - my “go to” person I wish to discuss it with is on holiday at the moment.
I will chase it up when he returns.



Hi @drago

I’ve done a little digging!
That prev/next input selection functionality wasn’t introduced to the 52/82 until Oct 1998 to allow use with the Flash remote.
If you have a legacy green screen unit (Uniti, NDX etc) you can check the correct code is being fired by the R-com. Select Handset IR Monitor within Factory Settings, start the test & press the buttons in question on the R-com.
Should be:
RC5 system code 16, RC5 code 32
RC5 system code 16, RC5 code 33



Hi @NeilS
Thank you so much. My 52 is a 1995 one.
Does this mean, that there is no chance for it to work? That’s what I understand and already thought :o)
Or is it possible to use it?
I have a DAC and a HDX but none with green screen :o(
Thanks again!

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