R.I.P. Denise Johnson

I only read the news a few minutes ago, but, sadly, Denise Johnson, the voice of Primal Scream, and the Manchester music scene in general, has passed away.

I loved her voice, and also her attitude, best summed up perhaps in the famous quote that “recording with the band was more like going for a night out, and you might do a bit of singing in between.”

Johnny Marr reckoned that “you felt it was a privilege her being on your song. She kind of gold-plated songs – you knew that the track was going to acquire a few extra gold stars.”

Thanks for all the great sounds, Denisey, and R.I.P.


Yes, i saw this popped up. The recently found Ardent tapes of Primal Scream had her doing some great vocals…very sad
RIP Denise.