R.I.P. Ted McKenna

Ted McKenna, drummer with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and Rory Gallagher, passed away on Saturday during surgery.

R.I.P., Ted.

What a great shame a so called simple hernia operation went wrong and his life is over…he was due to tour later this year.

Yes it is unbelievable. I saw him live playing with Rory Gallagher and I think the SAHB is so underrated - such a great band.

Indeed he was I remember Ted when he played with the late great Rory Gallagher Band and later with Gerry MacAvoy in Band of Friends a wonderful drummer RIP Ted

OMG that’s so sad.
I saw Ted with the SAHB many times.

I didn’t know that. How tragic for that to happen to Ted. Condolences to his family. SAHB were an unbelievably original and singular band. Years ahead of their time. In Alex they had one of the all time great front men - and the band were well drilled unit and utterly superb musicians. The box set from a couple of years ago featuring all of the SAHB albums is a compulsory purchase for anyone who understands that humour DOES belong in music. RIP Ted.

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