Rack stack order

Probably not the first time this question has been asked. Advice please on where to locate each of my Naim components in their racks please. Like many of us, I am space constrained and as such I have one full width Hifi Racks Podium and next to this I have another Hifi Racks Podium for half width components (HiCaps etc). Due to space, these two racks have to be right next to each other.

Components in the active system are:

Items for the half sized podium

4x HiCaps




Rega Neo PSU

Full sized Podium:

NAC 282

2x NAP 250




And for completion Kudos Titan 606s

What would you place where and if I upgrade to switch out the streamer to an NDX2 and PSU, where would you place the PSU?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jim and welcome to the forum. The idea of stacking is ideally to have two stacks. The first is the brain stack which includes sources and preamp and possibly power amps and then on right brawn stack which is the power supplies. Naim power socket inlets are on the right hand side for this reason. The idea is to keep the more sensitive signal paths away from the power supplies and big transformers.

In your case it won’t work like that. Ideally keep your phono stage and preamps and sources higher than your power supplies or preferably on a different stack.

Full size podium
ND5 XS2 or NDX2

Half size podium
4 HiCaps
Rega Neo PSU (or where you can get it to reach Turntable)
Napsc possibly away from stack

I hope this gives you some ideas of stacking. Remember the principal of sources and preamps and phono stages away from power supplies and the same with cables. Keep the power cables away from the more sensitive source to preamp cables (interconnects).

I am sure others will give advice on racking too. I do not have an active system so someone with one more like yours can hopefully advise as well.


Dan thanks and very helpful counsel.

The HiCaps on the half width Podium will be to the right hand side of the full size Podium.

Re your comments about keeping PSUs away from sensitive units, I take it that this precludes putting the Stageline next to the Rega TTPSU?

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@Dan_M ’s rack order looks well thought out to me, though I also don’t have an active system. You are probably right that putting the two close together won’t be ideal.

However, it won’t hurt to give it a try if you feel like it. If a proper listen convinces you it sounds just as good as any other variant, I’d be mildly surprised and interested to hear, but not astonished.

I’d also suggest trying the Napsc in 2 or 3 places if you can. Several boxes have seemed to me to like being nowhere near it in 2 systems.


The Snaxo is a sensitive unit too so maybe that can go near the stageline if there’s room on the full width rack.

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Good thinking @ Yeti put the stageline and snaxo on the main rack. Getting higher and higher!

@Yeti. Thank you. Sounds like the optimum arrangement, but the full width Podium would sadly be too high at 1.1m with the additional level - notwithstanding the future addition of another 140mm to accommodate an XPS. Starting to get like the Khalifa…

Perhaps a sensible concession is to place the Snaxo and Stageline on the top shelf of the half size Podium (they’ll fit) to the right of the full size Podium. Then next level, Rega PSU then the HiCaps below - these, each having their own level and finally the NAPSC off Podium and as far away as cables will allow.


That sounds a great place to start an afternoon of experiment.

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There will always be a trade-off between best performance and practicality with so many different boxes, but putting a source (especially a vinyl source like your Stageline which has a lower level, therefore more sensitive signal than say a streamer or CD player) on top of a stack of power supplies is probably not a good idea.
The Neo, being a power supply, should also be kept well away from the turntable and any line level signals. However, being a digital supply, it’s generally best to keep such things away from large toroidal supplies of the sort Naim use.

I’m aware that I seem to be presenting you with problems, not solutions here! Still, without unlimited space you will always need to make compromises. Trial and error, and plenty of patience, will help.
Good luck……

Thanks all, very helpful advice. I will test out the options as suggested.

I hope @JimTownsend doesn’t mind me hijacking his thread, but I’m soom going to have a similar issue.
I’m replacing my NAC-N 272 / 555PS DR with an NDX 2 / 555PS DR / NAT01 / NAPST / NAC 252 and a SuperCap. I already have a Linn LP12 / Lingo 4 / Prefix / HiCap DR and a NAP 250.

I have the same situation, in so far as I have 2No. Hi-fi Racks Podium Reference racks. one for full-width gear and one for 1/2 width. My LP12 is on a wall shelf.

I’m thinking the full-width rack should be (from top to bottom):
NAC 252
NAP 250
555PS DR
SuperCap DR

And the half-width rack (from top to bottom):
Lingo 4
HiCap Dr

Does anyone have any better ideas?

The height of the racks is constrained by the LP12’s wall shelf. Also, I was advised by Naim that it’s better to continue powering the Prefix with the HiCap DR.

I’d swap the half width rack for a full sized one, so you can achieve a proper brain / brawn split.

Hi Nigel,
Unfortunately, I can’t do that as my system is squeezed into an alcove.

Then maybe the answer is a 222 and NPX300, with your 250. The challenge you have is the 250 directly below the NDX2. That said, many live with such a compromise, so your suggested layout is probably the best you can do.

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The order looks as good as possible imho.

Mind you, I’d also suggest hearing the (very small) Dynavector P75 mk4 as a possible upgrade from the Prefix….


:laughing: Trying to get me to spend even more money! :laughing:

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Except for the NAT01 / NAPST, I’d prefer all the Naim kit to be “Original Classic”.

@Lanesra whats your take on the NDX2 HD radio v FM NAT01/NAPST combination?

Hi Jim,
I don’t know as I still have to install everything.
Also, all my new kit is pre-loved, which I bought blind.

@Lanesra I’d be interested to know how they they compare when you get there.
I’m waiting for my Podiums to be delivered hence. I don’t know how my active system will sound, also largely pre-loaded…