Radikal Klimax owners: which mains cable are you using?

Given the well known issue of tight access into the power socket on the Klimax box, I’m using a Powerline Lite instead of a full Powerline. TBH, I never even bothered to compare the Lite to the supplied Linn plug and just plugged the Lite in. I’m wondering which power cable other owners are using and whether having a high end mains cable makes as big a difference to the Linn RK as it does to Naim boxes? Views welcomed.

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@KJC I use a Titan Styx on my Akurate Radikal, no issue with 3 pin looking at back of Klimax should not be an issue

for me titan source cables are all very very good, and not huge money


Blimey. Didn’t know I was going to have to worry about this as well :scream: apparently the keel and urika won’t be making themselves known for a couple of weeks but the Radikal has arrived…


I’m just using the supplied Linn plug :slight_smile:

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I remember that someone is using the Chord Music power cord on his Radical.
Maybe Dave ?

I’m using a Sarum T power cable on my Klimax Radikal (Music streaming cable on the Urika). Chord do a Klimax compatible IEC. Can’t recommend it highly enough.


Thanks @Dave. I assume you tried the stock cable and/or other alternative cables before opting for Sarum T. Interested to know what kind of SQ differences you heard that made the Sarum T your choice ?

A little “off piste” but I tried Stillpoints under my Akurate Radikal. Not one jot of difference. Absolutely nothing. Stillpoints really make a difference under my 250DRs and Supercaps, but on the Radikal, zilch. Can a power lead make a difference on a TT PS? Skeptical, but open to possibilities.

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AV Options TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC Cord (I’m in the US).


Yes I did. I’d also used (pre-T) Sarum on my Akurate Radikal, having previously used a Powerline, which was itself a real step up. Sarum was a huge upgrade again.

Simply more musical, more real, especially on acoustic instruments and voice.

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Bloody hell!

Hadn’t factored a Powerline or similar into my Radikal upgrade.

Lingo 1/Linto did sound better with Powerlines to me but seemed better in other areas first.

You don’t need to, but at least you know you’ve got options :grin:

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Hi Dave,
I am running my sarum t on the 555 dr. How many hours did it needed to burn in ?
For now, about 24 hours. A bit more dynamic vs my previous cable.

You’ve not even started :smile:

Mine were upgrades so may not be indicative of what to expect from new, but my first Sarums (speaker cables) took around 600 hours, Music cables were rather less.

It wasn’t just the dynamics that you’d notice, it’s more about how they engage you and add credibility.

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After 24 hours,I only observed more dynamics. Now It begins to open…

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