Radio 2’s Ken Bruce moving on

They’re dropping like flies on Radio 2.

Shame for us listeners, he’s the best on Radio 2, a morning with Ken is always a pleasant time spent.
I don’t know why he’s moving on, but at 71 I expect he’s looking for something a bit more relaxing.
Maybe the early morning grind up the M40 for a live broadcast has got too much, maybe Greatest Hits Radio is not live, maybe they have the DJ’s go in & record the prog ahead of time, or maybe broadcast from home, whatever Greatest Hits Radio is not something I will be tuning in to, especially as its real low 48kb/s.


Yes, just Jeremy Vine to go, then a complete clearout, Sad.

Fingers crossed.

Shame about Ken Bruce though.


Ken/Popmaster is the only time I listen to R2. I imagine it will stop completely now.


Tracks of their years, was always a good listen, interesting choice’s over the years, big shoes to fill.


Wouldn’t be sad to see him or his show go…


Ken’s going over to Greatest Hits, with Popmaster. Only music from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

It’s on quite a bit in the kitchen and the car :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, its a lot better when he’s not on.

Will have to give I a try.

I suspect Ken is being moved on. There has been a bit of a trend recently with Vanessa Feltz and Steve Wright also experiencing the time for change sentiment in Radio 2.

It’s a shame to see Ken leave - he has that relaxed gift of the gab which he shared with Terry Wogan which somehow entertains without being irksome.



A similar rout happened on Radio 1 in the eighties, it was awful afterwards.

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Radio 3 is still an excellent station, with some interesting and well-informed presenters. I particularly like Petroc Trelawny’s three hours to get the day started during the week.


Not according to his on air announcement on Monday, I heard it, it sounded very unscripted
I’m sure there’s more to the story than we will get to know, but it was really out of the blue, no one knew about it, including Jeremy Vine who followed him just a few minutes later, & nothing was prepared for the news bulletin at the swap over.
And why would the Beeb let there highest listener DJ go?


Hi Mike, well the beeb have form……. Old white man or woman not seen as relevant for the younger demographic they, (the frankly stupid idiots employed by this navel gazing organisation) keep on trying for.

Not that I have a view on this of course :wink:

Frankly good to see however several new radio stations see the gap created and have piled in, Boom radio as an example.


Last week, a contestant scored 39 on Popmaster. This normally qualifies as a finalist in the end of year quiz.

Ken fudged the issue. A clear indication to me, that a change was in the offing.

A real shame in my opinion. But if it Ken’s decision, I can empathise. Still a big loss to Radio 2.


Ken Bruce would never in a million years have gone on his own accord. There was inside info during Steve Wright’s sacking that Ken’s contract wouldn’t be renewed in March’23 and here it went yesterday. The BBC are getting worse and I have no idea how or who is getting away with so much over the past few years. It’s genuinely staggering and I don’t use the word lightly. There are some really weird people involved in that organisation and getting paid a lot. I’ve always defended the BBC, but even I’m thinking it’s had its day unless someone magically comes in and sacks a lot of the management.


It’ll be Liza Tarbuck next…

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The deluded management must feel that Bob Harris and Johnnie Walker are both past their sell-by dates.

It’s like so many companies, move on the old people who know what they’re doing and replace them with others who talk the same language as the other vacuous dimwits but have little intellect, charm, wit or range.

W1a lives on.