Radio 2 without Ken Bruce. What a surprise!

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Yep I think the rise of the largely non fm, patchy DAB, Greatest Hits Radio (it’s not just about the music, it’s the competent, experienced presenters who don’t grind and irritate) shows that the decision makers at Beeb don’t really know what they’re doing.

You can’t rely on national coverage alone to bring them in.


I (we) have moved away from Radio 2 since Ken Bruce left. After listening to the BBC morning national & local news programs and radio becomes background listening, we now switch over to Greatest Hits on web-radio (Naim iRadio).
Reasons ? Greatest Hits play the kind of background ‘pop’ music we like, Ken is just a pleasant affable character that is not ‘in yer face’ and his Pop Quiz is a Mrs Mike favourite.
Vernon Kay, the new guy at Radio 2 is simply an unpleasant in yer face switch off. Sorry to say switch off applies to most of the BBC ‘DJ’s’ these days for me, with one or two exceptions.
It’ll be interesting to see the RAJAR data that covers a whole Qtr of Vernon Kay.


It is bizarre, the Beeb clearly understand that as they get older people graduate away from the Radio 1ness of Radio 1 (if they ever listened to R1 in the first place) to Radio 2, 3 and 4.

However they seem to feel that these people will want the same mostly irritating, largely talentless, one dimensional, shallow thinking and idiotic ‘celebrity’ twonks presenting as from their yoof viewing and listening habits to come with them.

They then move them over to R2 in particular with that false belief and have no bother shoving the more practiced and nuanced presenters out and the more mature, dare I say discerning listeners to one side.


I just need a bit of background music and sometimes listen to Radio 3

This is so true and the best laugh i have had for a while


It’s a bit harsh but several grains of truth and v funny. I’m surprised he didn’t include Elizabeth Alker in his piece


This is my post from the cricket thread on BBC’s coverage of The Hundred , if BBC really wanted to drag viewers away from Sky - bring back “Bumble” Lloyd

I find the presenters on Radio 3 very good

Petroc’s false breakfast time bonhomie on Radio 3 could irritate me beyond lunchtime.

I quite enjoy Petroc in the mornings when dropping the kids to school on my way to work, maybe it’s intended to be very family friendly in this regard. Saw him presenting on TV recently and he didn’t look at all as I imagined him to be.

I’ve probably never listened to Ken Bruce as I don’t know who he is.

Can’t say I’ve listened to Radio 2 since the days of Terry Wogan, and I couldn’t fathom why they decided to have Steve Wright on there some years ago, as he just wasn’t my cup of tea at all on Radio 1 years ago. Suspect the new presenter might be from that mould - know the name, but again have never seen him more than briefly on TV.

What disrespectful tosh! I agree in that sometimes it is being dumbed down to compete with Classic FM, but on the whole I think BBC Radio 3 remains a cultural beacon on the airwaves. And I love it. Generally when I’m not listening to any particular record, I’ll be listening to BBC Radio 3, on FM of course.


I gave up watching BBC TV and listening to BBC Radio years ago.

Agree, with the radio presenters being just loud, interested only in themselves. Listen to Jazz24 on the Linn streamer these days, when not playing albums.

The news programmes are so opinionated and don’t really provide an in depth news coverage anymore. I find that the news apps are better for just reporting the news and not giving an opinion. Also their coverage of news from around the world, I find to be better.



Sounds of the '70s is essential R2 listening from 3-5 on a Sunday, beyond that it is very much a desert.
Long gone are the days of my morning commute, when driving became hazardous due to not only me crying with laughter to Terry Wogan, but other drivers doing the same.


I like Vernon Kay. I think he’s sharp, interesting and funny. It’s most of the other new ones on Radio 2 that I can’t believe get paid so much and are so dull.


I worked for a company a few years back where the whole firm would stop at 10.30 to play Popmaster. I suspect we were not alone.


I seen to remember one of the stories where the local Vicar was called Pastor Kidneys. Lets not go any further.


Yes, that Critic article from last year did seem a bit like a rejected piece for either the Spectator, the Oldie or possibly even the Telegraph, back when it had more readers with a pulse. Describing Aretha Franklin as overwrought would be laughable if it weren’t serious, and he clearly can’t render the word Barnsley idiomatically.

Rather like that Socrates quotation about the degeneracy of the youth of his day, I think I remember reading my first ‘Radio 3 is going to the dogs’ article over 30 years ago - around the time I first started listening to it, in fact. This article is simply yet another largely ignorable entry in that particular catalogue.

That said, I do find Tom Service’s delivery so bizarrely overwrought and off putting I can’t listen to what he’s actually saying. I always wonder if I’d like his pieces if they were written instead. He also made a fair point about Simon Armitage’s general dolour.


I would have followed Ken B to the new station but the quality is dire. Unlistenable. Shame they can’t afford better transmission/bit rate.
I still listen in the evening though, most of the ‘specialist shows are good for me, and apart from the first half hour Jo Wiley suits me.
Jonny Walkers 70’s show feeds my nostalgia pretty well. Other Beeb stations are listened to variously for plays and non political information R4, new music R1 of an evening, and R6 anytime is still worth a dig in to. R3 remains a stalwart for anything classical or opera.


I used to have to listen to Ken Bruce at work (mailroom) to keep the staff happy. Can’t think of a better example of an overpaid under-talented B.O.F to be honest.
As for the BBC output, I only listen to “Today” (except for the “Religious Propaganda For The Day” slot) and R3 has a rubbish SQ anyway.

Couldn’t care less.