Radio Bluesflac

I was listening to this radio for ages and today morning I found that there is no more blues, just some weird sound as if several tracks are played at the same time.
I’ve even tried some VPN but still the same issue regardless of device - Naim, Android or PC.
Could anyone from the UK, Germany, France confirm if there is the same issue?
The Radio Blues is found under the hidef radio in the Naim app. Please, help me understand what is going on.

You’re right, it’s a mess! Maybe @Stevesky can alert them when he is back on duty?

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Also had this problem this morning - music sounded distant with a droning sound. Have had this previously and thought it was my connection.

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Hi all,

I’m a bit late to this thread. Was just checking it out based on the Radio Bluesflac link in the Hidef radio section. Currently seems to be ok.

This will be a broadcaster side issue, but let me know if you are still experiencing the problem as I might be missing something.


Steve Harris
Software DIrector
Naim Audio Ltd.

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