Radio Dubai 92 No Longer Plays

My ND5 XS will no longer play Radio Dubai 92, but plays any other station I try - any idea why?

Sounded as if it’s closed down, but the website still is very current

Hi @juanito

It looks like they’ve changed backend servers. I’ve written to the guys at VTuner to let them know that they need to update their database (+ they seem to have the same station twice in the database under 2 different names…).

If you wish to listen to the station now, you can add the station via “” as a custom station using the station URL:

Note - this station is regional blocked so won’t work outside the emirates.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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Ah - thanks, I seem to recall that this happened once before - hopefully it’ll be back up soon.

Dubai 92 is back in action on the ND5 XS - thanks

HI @juanito

We worked with VTuner yesterday and got the issue resolved. It was a bit more complex than it initially looked but all is now sorted.

On next major database resync the duplicate radio entry will go as well.



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