Radio Listening Data 4th Qtr2021

RAJAR have published the data for 4th Qtr 2021
We can’t compare year on year - 4th Qtr 2020 to 4th Qtr 2021 - as RAJAR were on shutdown during that period

All Radio Listening - Share Platform (%)
Q3 2021 Q4 2021
FM 34.2 35.6
All Digital 65.8 64.4
DAB 43.0 42.5
DTV 4.7 5.1
Online 18.1 16.9

Some slightly surprising numbers compared to 3rd Qtr 2021.
The big digital platforms have negative growth.
The other surprise is the FM platform has grown, however that was after a big drop in the previous Qtr & Year results


Fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

All radio is good.
But, long live FM :+1:


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