Radio not available

Hi All,

I am unable to access any radio stations on Uniti Atom in the UK. Is anyone else having this problem?


I am in Montreal and cannot access any radio with my NDX2.
Vtuner must be down.

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Thanks, I thought it would be vtuner.

I’ve seen this before recently, BBC stations saved as presets work fine, but others don’t, and the iRadio menu doesn’t load. Maybe @Stevesky will investigate when he sees this.

Down for me in the UK, if you try on the Vtuner website it’s responding with “internal server error” at the moment

No radio in NY

If you search via genre then you can get stations, take a while to update


I’m in the United States and stream my music with Amazon. I’ve gotten all of my radio stations by putting the call letters into Amazon music search and have found the music. I know some stations even maintain a Blog. I like the Stream because it’s commercial free.

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